Citroën C5 axed by UK due to diminishing sales

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Source : Citroën C5 axed by UK due to diminishing sales

Citroen C5 increasing demand for crossovers eat in sedan sales of D-segment. Only 237 C5s sold in Britain last year


as well as Citroen C5 has been ruled out of the automobile market inside United Kingdom because of shrinking sales, with just examples 237 Ford Mondeo SALE competitor here year the past.

This particular figure represents 0.5% of 2015 sales C5 achieved in a year of its launch in 2001, when 45,502 were delivered to British clients. Sales UK product can be decreasing steadily since then, as well as the latest Mk3 Ki sold just 17,105 units since its launch in 2008.

Citroen cites the increasing popularity of the crossover multiple compact uses sports cars can be the main cause of death inside product as well as says sales D-segment at This particular point accounts for only 4% of the overall market inside United Kingdom.

Interestingly, the demand for C5 can be still strong inside left-hand drive markets, with the largest sales of the product which has been in his homeland market in France, where he was handed over 6549 examples last year. However, This particular figure still represents only 20% of the sales which have been made earlier than six years, the item illustrates how the trend can be not just a British one.

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Citroen when production of the current product will be replaced if the C5 term comes to an end. inside past year, Autocar reported which C5 can invent the next generation said earlier inside auto industry This particular year the item replaced by , however show the latest trends can at This particular point be brought down product of the Citroen squad altogether.

automaker thinks of C4 Picasso as well as Grand C4 Picasso as well as at This particular point develop better products to meet the needs of the UK market, although the global market as well as the request indicates MPVs until such threatened by the rapid growth in popularity of the crossover.

SUVs as well as crossovers at This particular point account for one in four car sales inside European Union as well as the segment can be the fastest growing inside earth. Will be Citroen’s best to take advantage of This particular change inside years to develop, the item can be also planning to offer a completely new family of crossovers inspired by the look of the concept of Aircross , which in itself can be the evolution of the design of C4 Cactus

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Source: Citroën C5 axed by UK due to diminishing sales

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