Citroen C4 Cactus M convertible concept leaks ahead of Frankfurt

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Source : Citroen C4 Cactus M convertible concept leaks ahead of Frankfurt

Cactus-based Citroen concept leaks ahead of Frankfurt, showing a convertible edition featuring a surfboard


Citroen’s Frankfurt concept car, due to be called the Cactus M, has been leaked ahead of an official reveal later today.

The images show a two-door convertible edition of the Cactus, complete having a roof-bar mounted surfboard along with wooden detailing on the front along with rear pillars. The pictures show in which the item comes with larger versions of the air bumps in which feature on the standard Cactus, covering the whole door rather than just a section.

The Internal features a series of bright colours along with vivid patterns, along with redesigned headrests.

Citroen has previously tweeted a teaser shot, featuring a surfboard along having a statement simply saying: “The summer holidays may currently be drawing to a close, although we’ve been preparing an exciting project…”

Beyond in which, the Citroen Cactus M has only been described as showcasing a “vision for the future of the automobile through a strongly designed concept car”.

Autocar can also reveal in which Citroen recently applied for the trademark on the e-Mehari name, suggesting the auto could have an electric or hybrid powertrain.

In addition, an insider has suggested in which extreme concept ideas could include a clip-on canvas roof, an open load bay along with another variation on the Airbump theme launched on the C4 Cactus. As such, the item also invokes the open-topped Citroen Lacoste concept, which was the original concept for the Cactus.

the item has been suggested in which the auto, once stripped of its concept extremes, will show how a convertible edition of the C4 Cactus could look. While in which car will be required to be a more conventional interpretation of a convertible, insiders say Citroen will be eager to spark memories of the Mehari in its concept as part of its push to remind people of its completely new philosophy of building cars having a simplicity of purpose at their core.

In addition, the Mehari weighed less than 600kg along with was powered by a 602cc two-stroke engine; both lightweight design along with low capacity although capable powertrains are at the core of Citroen’s future product plan.

The Mehari was sold around the globe as a mild off-roader along with light truck. Around 150,000 were sold inside the 20 years the item was built, including inside the US. the item took its name coming from a fast-running camel in which was at one time used by the French cavalry in desert warfare.

The e prefix to the Mehari trademark raises the possibility of a production car getting an electrically assisted four-wheel drive system. The original Mehari was sold as a 4×4 between 1979 along with 1983.

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Source: Citroen C4 Cactus M convertible concept leaks ahead of Frankfurt

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