Chevrolet Camaro: UK prices revealed

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Source : Chevrolet Camaro: UK prices revealed

Chevrolet Camaro were detected Chevrolet Camaro prices, with the first shipments of the rival Ford Mustang scheduled for October


The Chevrolet Camaro will go on sale inside UK, with prices starting at £ 32,500 for the entry-level, 2.0-liter Coupe.

will also provide Kammaru- V8 engines, initially the cost of £ 37.000 for the coupe manual transmission. Automatic transmission eight-speed available on the V8 Camaro too, at a cost of £ 1460. Turbo Camaro’s 2.0-liter is usually available only as a mechanism.

Among the options offered on the Camaro is usually a series of lines costing 400 £ or 550 £ depending on the package, comfort as well as lighting £ package in 1890, at least for the engines of the Camaro, comments magnetic ride on the V8 Camaro (£ 1460), as well as on the navigation sat the turbo 2.0-liter. The navigation system comes as standard on the automobile engine V8.

By way of comparison, as well as Ford Mustang costs £ 28 995 for the entry-level 2.3-liter coupe shows, while the V8 design starts at £ 32995. This particular means which the Camaro is usually nearly £ 3,500 more expensive than the Mustang using a four-cylinder engine, as well as £ 4000 more in Star V8.

Prices start Camaro Convertible at £ 36,500 for the convertible, moving up to £ 41,000 for the V8. as well as Mustang convertible 2.3-liter motor shows is usually priced around £ 2000 less than This particular, at £ 34.49, as well as £ 38495 – £ 2500 under the Camaro equivalent. Are set prices through the European division of General Motors. “

car will feature on standby Chevrolet inside Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​This particular year, with the aim of beating the drums demand inside United Kingdom. In spite of the arrival of the Persians inside United Kingdom inside form of engine right, as well as the Camaro remain drive left hand.

with only one dealer United Kingdom distributed Camaro as well as Chevrolet does not expect a landslide victory for sales. customize the United Kingdom in 2016 is usually only 15 coupes as well as 3 Convertible. expects distributor, the vast majority of UK orders which’s V8 coupes, equipped with an optional, eight automatic transmission speeds.

This particular will be a coupe Camaro is usually available inside UK through September, with conversion arriving one month later. already being accepting applications, with approximately 3-4 month wait between order as well as delivery.

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Source: Chevrolet Camaro: UK prices revealed

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