Celebrating the Renault Clio's 25th birthday

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Renault Clio more than 25 years inside the field of production, Renault Clio in addition to became one of the slot inside the UK’s most well-known


via March 29 1991, Renault Cleo was launched inside the United Kingdom. Since then, fame in addition to fortune in addition to found both as a daily carrier, in addition to especially with the performance of such Clio Williams in 1993 in addition to more recently in RS220.

In total, selling over 13 million Clios worldwide since the launch of the automobile – inside the form of a hatchback, saloon in addition to estate – with 1.2 million of those who find homes inside the United Kingdom. Clio also turns 25, we celebrate the important moments in its history

in 1990 – in addition to a large, completely new modest car

at the Paris Motor Show in 1990 Renault supermini completely new world feet. Name Clio, which is actually derived via a Greek word meaning “to make the extension famous to make,” given to the automobile which will replace the largely aging Renault Clio 5. The longer in addition to wider than 5, in addition to the wheels longer designed base to provide for better ride comfort in addition to handling

1991 – a drop inside the United Kingdom

inside the March 29, 1991, the first Renault Clio landed on the territory of the United Kingdom. This particular was a great moment, as the completely new Clio arrived via winning the European Car of the Year, having beaten the competition, including the league in April in addition to Vauxhall CALIBRA. Group of the United Kingdom began in £ 7190, which translates to about £ 14 0 in today’s money, with the strength coming via a range of petrol 1.2 in addition to 1.4 liter engines. RT bought a high-end luxury versions, including electric front windows, remote locking in addition to stereo radio in addition to cassette. Was sold a total of 21124 Clios inside the United Kingdom in 1991.

in 1992 – more versions

continued Clio to obtain a valid inside the UK, Renault in addition to added a copy of diesel 1.9-liter in addition to 1.8-liter petrol style with high performance. inside the first full year on sale, 34701 Clios sold in This particular country

1993 – Clio Williams

Renault originally began was Clio Williams The limited edition of the 3800 car, yet like the popularity of the automobile which ended up building more than 1,000 others. His name was the automobile to celebrate Renault’s partnership with Williams F1. The gasoline engine in addition to the back of a 2.0-liter with 145bhp. This particular is actually a well-known car which he had won a place inside the books hatchback history hot almost since the launch of

1994 – the first face

[in addition to Otalegsrah

A ‘stage 2’ copy Clio in 1994, bringing with him a slight styling inside in addition to out improvements. At This particular point, Clio formed on 49% of Renault’s sales inside the United Kingdom. The second facelift in 1996, bringing the completely new engine 1149cc used for initially inside the Twingo as well as design tweaked option

in 1997 – in addition to MK1 Clio step down

was the last 1997 year of production for the first Renault Clio. inside the final year of the sale, selling over 58,000 units, bringing the number sold inside the United Kingdom for more than 300,000

1998 – completely new Clio, facial The completely new

The second generation of the family favorite Renault again larger than the automobile This particular replaced, the design appeared more diverse. The materials used to provide a weight such as aluminum, in addition to larger seats installed on the inside in an attempt to improve refinement. The completely new safety equipment are also available, including air front side in addition to ABS bags

French fast connection – hot Clios deal

2001 – the second face

after a series of minor improvements made to the Clio in 2000, Renault officially facelifted car in 2001, bringing tweaked design in addition to a completely new 1.5 liter diesel engine. In 2002, Renault sold 86,337 Clio versions inside the United Kingdom – the best month for the automobile in history

2005 – Clio III

in Frankfurt Motor show in 2005, Renault Clio introduced the third generation to the globe stage, have entered the market in addition to inside the United Kingdom in August of which year. The biggest back via Clio MK2, in addition to came up that has a several-star safety rating via Euro NCAP. Renault has worked to give these features a modest car usually associated with larger versions, including tire pressure monitoring, soft-touch materials inside in addition to keycard system rather than the traditional key. In 2006, the Clio got back on car title in Europe This particular year, in addition to This particular time, bid farewell to the competition via the Volkswagen Passat in addition to Alfa Romeo 159.

2009 – the third face


latest Clio an updated style “stage 2”, which saw the introduction of GT a completely new variant of the group – designed to help bridge the gap between the cars on the normal in addition to the hottest ways derivatives Renault

2012 – completely new design

at the Paris Motor show in 2012, President Renult design Laurens van den Acker opened a completely new chapter inside the history of the Clio, unveiling a style of the fourth generation to the waiting crowd of journalists. Designed to mimic the design of the previous Clios, in addition to was inspired by the completely new style of the concept DeZir of 2010, featured a range of gasoline in addition to diesel engines are naturally aspirated diesel.

track diary today: Renault Clio RS200 on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit

in 2016 in addition to Beyond – pave the way for the next Clio

at the Paris Motor show 2014, Renault’s concept car Eolab offered. While not a preview directly next Clio, officials acknowledged which the technology seen on the automobile, including SAPE more aerodynamic Otoled force gasoline in addition to electricity sparingly, will be used to inform the completely new car, tentatively scheduled to arrive in 2018.


inside the past year, our sister Pistonheads produced a video comparing each generation of hot Clio on track. You can watch This particular below.

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Source: Celebrating the Renault Clio's 25th birthday

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