Cars of the 2013 Manila International Auto Show

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Cars of the 2013 Manila International Auto Show

This specific is usually my first car show coverage for 2013 as well as the second time in This specific blog. Usually, the Manila International Auto Show is usually held during March/April every year as well as is usually also the staging ground of several brand new cars which were to be available inside market. However, among the numerous exhibitors inside, only a few are noteworthy to be written here.

Among the numerous Chinese brands present, Chery has released a slew of brand new cars thanks to a brand new management. Vehicles present inside are the Q22L van which can seat 11 powered by a 1.2 engine (This specific would certainly spark some debate since having a little engine for a big car can smell some fuel consumption problems) using a selling cost of P565,000, the X1 hatchback, the updated Tiggo (thank goodness the 1.6 engine is usually ditched for not bad) as well as the QQ3 (which features a different Indoor as well as some external cues), the E5 (basically an updated A5 sedan) which has leather seats for 600k, as well as the Fulwin hatchback. 
Q22L Van
Updated QQ
E5 Sedan
Taking up a huge space at one side, they placed several their brand new releases for 2013. First is usually the Ranger, which had its Wildtrack design available to the public as well as also a preview of their base design which is usually 1 cab which will make a fight with the Mitsubishi L200. Next are the updated Explorer as well as Everest which has brand new rims as well as a shade palette. There is usually no Ford Fiesta Ecoboost on display here, which is usually a bummer.
Ranger Wildtrack
Can This specific Ranger beat the Mitsubishi L200?
Wishing which there is usually an option like inside Toyota Hilux FX 
Another unit, although This specific time in orange 
Front of the Mustang
See these lights blink
The updated Everest
This specific truck company has one notable display which can change the lives of commuters out there (which includes me). An articulated bus was on their booth which is usually very long (similar to the MRT) which can accommodate 138 passengers both seated as well as standing as well as features a cost of P8.5M. This specific is usually more suited inside city setting as well as taking turns can be a challenge for the driver’s discipline as well as patience. If This specific thing existed in EDSA, would certainly This specific spell the end for bad traffic due to unruly drivers?
One angle of the bus
With under a brand new management, Mazda is usually at This specific point poised to take brand new heights using a brand new Mazda 6 which has drool worthy features for P1.7M, as well as the display of the BT-50 pickup truck (twin of the Ranger) since This specific became the Truck of the Year. All of their vehicles inside line-up (except for the 2) are on the booth.
The brand new Mazda 6
Back shot of the 6
A classic, the MX-5
Mazda BT-50
An addition to the Mini lineup is usually the Mini Paceman which is usually basically a niche vehicle which will do battle against the Fiat 500 inside US. the idea resembles the Land Rover Evoque although This specific is usually more of a hatchback, so those who like a classic design of the Mini while being unique, you can have This specific in your list
The returning brand is usually at This specific point active with their display of their latest slew of cars namely the 3008, 508, 5008, as well as the updated RCZ. Further inspection inside reveals a high quality Indoor, which is usually great as well as should be for a vehicle selling above P1.5M. The RCZ, in fact, isn’t selling well although one word of advice for the distributor, bring in a larger displacement engine or cost the idea lower (to BRZ levels).
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Updated RCZ
Peugeot 3008
Another brand new car seeking your approval is usually the brand new Forester (expect a used car review about the 2008-2012 Forester soon), which made a fanbase among lifestyle oriented owners. additional news include the updated Legacy which sports a brand new grille as well as alloy wheels.
Subaru BR-Z
Updated Legacy
Legacy wagon
brand new Forester
Skeleton of the BR-Z
This specific variant would certainly be a hit among buyers
Sitting in a lonely portion of the earth Trade Center, the little booth features a display of the brand new Dzire (a Swift sedan well-liked in India) as well as an updated Alto 800. Both of them target the lower range of the market although the evaluation limited me as well as my companion inside external. The Dzire displayed had no power windows, so the idea targets the taxi market dominated by the Vios.
Updated Alto 800
The Dzire, is usually This specific the time where drivers ditch their Vioses as well as Accents just for This specific?
Unlike their bongga booth inside PIMS, a dealer represented booth was there with an 86 Aero as well as RAV4. The RAV4, which I already witnessed in person is usually a big improvement although the cost for the 4WD top of the line is usually to steep. Expect a used car review for the preceding generations of the RAV4 soon with the second one This specific month. 
Fourth generation RAV4

Cars of the 2013 Manila International Auto Show

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