Carlos Ghosn hints at affordable EV technology

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Source : Carlos Ghosn hints at affordable EV technology

Carlos Ghosn cheap EV future Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has confirmed which more affordable electric vehicles are under development, in order to crack the Chinese market


Renault boss Carlos Ghosn believes car companies will have to focus on the development of  “cheap as well as frugal” electric cars for the Chinese market, where expensive zero-emissions cars are currently failing to find favour.

Ghosn confirmed which the company is usually working to advance cheap EV technology in China in conjunction with its joint-venture partner, Dongfeng.

The Dongfeng-Renault Automotive Company will build an electric vehicle based upon the Renault Fluence at the fresh plant in Wuhan, China. However, unlike the Kadjar currently being made at the facility, the EV will wear a Dongfeng badge. The underpinnings of the vehicle will be shipped via Korea in CKD kit form as well as assembled at Wuhan.

When asked by Autocar what part electric vehicles would certainly play in his strategy for China, Ghosn said: “At the moment the idea is usually very limited because the electric car market in China is usually very low. The EVs which are sold here are very cheap electric cars. Cars which are a little bit more sophisticated as well as a higher cost are not selling well.

“The Nissan Leaf is usually sold in China,” he said. “the idea is usually a very nice car however the idea is usually selling a few hundred per month. We envision much bigger [sales] than which. We know which the cost is usually a handicap; people are buying very cheap electric cars.

“Obviously, however, with very low performance you can manage which. So the question is usually, what is usually the best compromise between an acceptable performance as well as the lowest cost possible? This kind of is usually something which doesn’t exist today as well as we are willing to find a solution. I bet there is usually going to be a lot of development work on very affordable electric cars.”

The Chinese government has set an ambitious target of having all 5 million electric as well as hybrid vehicles on its nation’s roads by 2020. 

“The Chinese government wants more electric cars, so we say ‘yes, however the customer wants them to be cheap’ as well as there is usually a limit to how much of a [government] incentive they can put on every car,” explained Ghosn.

Like Ghosn, Renault’s chief competitive officer Thierry Bollore was guarded about endorsing the target of 5m electric vehicles by 2020 however added which any fresh government legislation could force a rapid pace of change among China’s car owners. He drew a parallel using a change in laws regarding electric scooters which resulted in owners dumping their petrol-powered scooters overnight.

“China is usually typically a market where things can move very suddenly. the idea could move very quickly if the government decided to make the idea a state project,” he said.

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Source: Carlos Ghosn hints at affordable EV technology

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