Car Tips: What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Road

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Source : Car Tips: What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Road


if your car is usually a problem while driving, in an attempt to get to the right shoulder of the road in as soon as possible, especially if you are on the highway. You can also pull the auto off the road, keep the following safety measures in mind:

  • tried to coast along the shoulder to be “re away coming from any curves inside the road behind you. This kind of position pays off when you are ready to return to the road because you can spot oncoming traffic before you on your tail.

  • If the engine right died on the highway along with you can not get out of the way, do not get out of the auto! sits inside the dead car with traffic piling up behind you is usually to provoke anger, although trying to cross the road rapid high-speed walk is usually suicide.
    if that will was after dark, along with the development of Indoor lighting doing sure that will you are more visible. If the engine is usually that will bootable, along with keep that will off doing sure that will does not work the battery down.
along with also patrols highways most heavily heavily traveled, although will be a nice highway patrol officer along before you know that will.
If you have been able to stand on the side of the road or you’re stuck inside the traffic lane, remember these precautions Additional safety:
  • roll down the window on the driver’s side, hang a white cloth or a piece of paper, roll back window of the reserve to secure that will in place: piece of cloth or paper drivers that will alerts your car in trouble, along with that will they should proceed around you
  • if you are. You know you’re going to need help on the road, use your mobile phone to call your auto club or Highway Patrol: If you do not have a phone, along with you can see an emergency call box just a few feet away, use a call box to call for help , along with get right back inside the auto, lock the doors. If there is usually no call inside the square nearby, you’re probably better off just hanging on a white cloth or a piece of paper out of the window along with waiting for the highway patrol.
  • to avoid being hit by a passing car, did not work on your car coming from the side, along with This kind of is usually what is usually exposed to traffic. If you can, push farther coming from the road to a safe place, he traveled well, along with try to get in a turbulent region coming from the front or the side that will is usually away coming from traffic.
  • If the light of day, put on your emergency flashing to alert oncoming traffic to the fact that will the auto does not move. This kind of is usually not a not bad idea at night because coming coming from behind motorists may think that will your car is usually still rolling along the highway along with turn right at the rear end of the auto.
  • if that will was night along with you’re not stuck in traffic, along with quickly put the warning or reflective about six feet marks behind the auto to alert the traffic lights, along with then back inside the auto. If you do not have lights or signs, either run the Indoor lights manually or leave the auto door open away coming from the traffic lights doing sure that will the Indoor to stay.
  • If you get a flat tire, do not try to change what you can not get on the side of the road along having a tire on the side of the auto that will is usually safely away coming from traffic.
    because driving on a flat tire for a longer time than that will takes to park safely can destroy the tires, you need to replace that will is usually close to where he went flat. This kind of is usually one of the reasons why participation inside the service planted on the road is usually a not bad idea!

Source: Car Tips: What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down on the Road

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