Car Tips: How to Diagnose Vehicle Engine Leak

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Source : Car Tips: How to Diagnose Vehicle Engine Leak


pay close attention to the leakage of your car’s engine. Vehicle can run This particular lower significantly the vital fluid causing severe damage. After finding the source of the leak, the following information will help you decide whether you can handle the idea yourself or you need professional help.

If the water will be getting into the passenger compartment of your car, check the rubber gaskets preventive as well as walk around windows as well as doors, as well as sunroof.
unless your car incorporates a shield under the engine area, here’s an easy way to find out what if anything leak out via under your vehicle as well as a few pointers to help you decide what to do about the idea:
  1. Park your car overnight on a clean patch of sidewalk or a large, clean as well as a piece of white paper.
    either tape as well as some sheets of paper together, or buy a roll of plain paper commercial white wrap. The newspaper will be very absorbent as well as can change the coloring of the spots.
  2. place marks on the paper.
    see where each of the four wheels resting, as well as refers to the front as well as rear ends of your vehicle.
  3. inside morning, move your vehicle as well as search the little ponds or the effects of the liquid on the ground or paper.
    touch as well as smell each pool or the impact of the liquid.
Here’s how to decode the evidence:
  • , as well as if the idea will be clear, watery, as well as under the air conditioner: they intensify normal maybe if you ‘have used air conditioner recently
  • if black or dark brown , greasy, as well as will be located under the engine area: the idea’s probably oil. Find out which part of your vehicle was on the spot. Look under the hood on the engine oil as well as filter as well as under your vehicle for leaks around the oil drain plug, as well as the crankcase, as well as oil pan underneath.
  • if thick, black or brown oily liquid: gear oil may leak via the manual transmission, as well as the difference, hub, or steering gears . None of these leaks need immediate attention
  • If red, pink, or reddish brown as well as greasy as well as you have an automatic transmission: the idea’s probably transmission fluid. Checking the transmission scale, as well as if the low-level, top the idea off with the appropriate transmission fluid. Then check the gauge again within a day or two. If the decline again, a professional to have achieved transmission to make sure that will the seals intact
  • If an aqueous or slippery; green, red, blue, or yellow. the idea comes via under the radiator or engine: the idea’s probably radiator Check the radiator, cap pressure , engine. as well as water cannons to leak
  • if oily. Pink, red, or clear. as well as you find the idea towards the front bumper (usually on the driver’s side): the idea’s probably the power steering fluid. as well as seal the power steering system must not lose fluids
    If the liquid light-colored or clear: may be brake fluid. Even if dried leaks, the idea should be visible spots. Leaky brake too serious to leave without treatment. To have a professional repair any leak brake fluid immediately
  • If the idea smells like rotten eggs .: she battery acid. Avoid getting hands or your clothes as well as get a replacement battery
  • If the idea smells like gasoline: the idea probably will be! If the odor emitted via under the hood, check the fuel pump as well as the fuel injectors – or carburetor if your car has one. If the leak seems to be under the center of your vehicle, check the fuel lines. If the idea will be under the rear, check the fuel tank. (Do not smoke while doing so!)

Source: Car Tips: How to Diagnose Vehicle Engine Leak

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