Car Tips: Checking Your Car's Air Filter

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Source : Car Tips: Checking Your Car's Air Filter


If you unpack wing nut on the air cleaner cover as well as undo any of the additional devices of which hold the idea, you’ll find the air filter inside . Figure 1 shows the air cleaner filter round. Some vehicles have those square instead. Most cars come with paper of which can be redeemed for a few dollars pleated filters. Replacing these filters can be easy: you can simply buy a completely new one for your car, make, type, year, as well as raised the old one, as well as drop inside the completely new one. There are a few old cars have a permanent air filters, which need to be cleaned according to the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Figure 1: the air filter inside the air cleaner
to find out what If your air filter needs to be replaced, just lift the idea (can be not fastened down) as well as held up to the sun or strong light. You can see the light streaming through the idea? If not, try dropping light, bottom side down, on a hard surface. You should do This particular jar some dirt loose. (Does not blow through the filter – you can foul the idea This particular way.) If the candidate can be still too dirty to see through after you’ve dropped the idea more than once, as well as you need a completely new one


because the air filter extracts the dirt as well as dust particles via the air, you have to change the idea back at least once a year or every 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first – unless you get very dirty before. If you do most of your driving in dusty or sandy area, you may need to replace your air filter every 10,000 kilometers, or less than of which. If its a road trip takes you to such an area, the idea’s a not bad idea to check the air filter after your return.

Source: Car Tips: Checking Your Car's Air Filter

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