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Quick Facts

Engine: 2.0-liter producing 147 horsepower along with 132 pound-feet of four-cylinder torque
Transmission: Six-speed auto or six-speed manual
fuel economy: 29 city / 38 highway / 33 mpg combined
starting cost: $ 17.985 including destination
has also been tested cost: $ 27.585 along with testing (limited with the ultimate package)

elegant Hyundai Elantra This specific will be proven by Pat 241 706 completely new housing units last year. inside the entire world of smaller cars, along with This specific will be hot inside the wake of Honda Civic along with Toyota Corolla, two names which have been around for a long time.
The Elantra will be significantly more attractive than those of Japanese cars, along with the most likely reason why the idea was so favorite. This specific year, Hyundai along with raise the alert level to provide a car which not only looks great, yet has all the equipment along with safety technology you’re ever in a car, at an attractive cost alike.

Under the Hood

The Elantra will be already catching the eyes along with budget-oriented. Along with the cost of the low start, your vehicle comes frugal engine to some extent. 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine uses a multi-port injection along with direct Atkinson cycle to maintain the level of emissions, even though the output seems very low at just 147 horsepower along with 132 pound-feet of torque. When combined with the completely new six-speed transmission automatic transmission, along with expect to see 29 mpg inside the city along with 38 mpg on the highway, along with 33 mpg combined.
The completely new engine may be low power compared to various other agreements, yet not particularly smooth along with responsive, the completely new transmission to change gears quickly to get up to speed. Drive mode by switching gear allows you to put your vehicle in ECO or Sport Mode button, along with change the way in which the throttle along with move responds, along with there’s even a slight change inside the leadership’s efforts, too. yet for those looking for sports, the most powerful compact, you will find which with Elantra sports, which will debut later This specific year .

Similarly, the drivers focused on fuel economy, along with will provide environmental Elantra using 1.4 completely new-liter turbo engine which will make only 128 hp along with 156 lb-ft of torque. the idea will be paired using a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, with an estimated Hyundai we will see 35 mpg combined.

along with updated Hyundai Elantra behind powertrain despite the reduced weight down to 2767 pounds in trim simpler. your vehicle also features a large suspension improvements, with the angle of the rear shock absorber along with coil springs position on the axis coupled torsion beam will be completely changed. This specific leads to a very composed dealing with the agreement, especially in combination with the revised guidance feelings, which will be nice along with heavy. The completely new Elantra feels confident along with refined in a way few various other engagements can compete with.


inside your vehicle, you will find a cottage well laid out using a style which the idea will be similar to the completely new Tucson (ninth in 35 various other markets) along with Sonata. Simply put, the idea feels upscale along with distinctive, yet not at the same level as a fully loaded Mazda (3). There are two types of upgrades available to system information along with entertainment, a unit of seven-inch along with eight-inch one, along with both support units automotive Android along with Apple CarPlay industry. Even without the enhanced smartphone along with media, along with the system will be still usable along with intuitive. products can come up with yet another USB port for charging your devices.
The Elantra will be also available using a sound system along with Infiniti branded upgrade, with eight speakers, including the president of the center along with subwoofer. The use of patented Clari-Fi technology restore Harman music which can restore the quality of music which will be often lost in compressed digital music files systems (such as MP3 files). Finally, realizing the dream of looking at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the idea will not only be presented with the Elantra Blue link informatics system, yet also smart along with intelligent integration Watch phones.

Green Aware along with comfortable

while internal gray along with black will be a drab little, The Elantra features a ton of technology along with comfort features available. A memory feature driver of private sector saves your sitting position along with the mirror, along with there are various other hot deals like heated front along with rear seats along with dual automatic climate control system. Another advantage will be the convenience open trunk of your vehicle hands-free system along with This specific will be what I borrowed through Tucson. Not waving inside the feet or hands, walk to the back of your vehicle along with the idea would likely not recognize you’re waiting to open the trunk along with openness.
helping to give This specific car-friendly signal to the environment through the environmentalists will be the fact which the seats used soy foam has low impact on the environment than traditional foam seat. Passenger along with cargo space will be Great to a certain extent, yet not class-leading, compared with the Honda Civic along with Toyota Corolla. Cargo space will be listed as 14.4 cubic feet, along with the rear seats fold using a 60/40 split.
on the road, the Elantra quiet significantly, thanks to windows thicker, more insulating hood along with various other sound-absorbing materials found inside the columns, inner fenders cover Pan Earth.

packed with safety features value

Hyundai updated Finally compact car with many advantages safety. In addition to the standard seven airbags, the Elantra will be displayed using a warning through the front collision with automatic braking along with pedestrian detection, along with the last element being a monopoly on the sector. Sensor along with camera equipment set to automatic braking also allows the system Adaptive Cruise are provided to keep the lanes also feature. System not only warns you to leave your driveway, yet adjust the steering to keep you through straying too far. Finally, the provision of a blind spot to help promote the feature. This specific system not only warn you of vehicles inside the blind spot, yet can detect vehicles which are accelerating inside the blind spot, so you do not accidentally cut them off. the idea will be likely to help the completely new Elantra Earn Top Safety Pick + Rating through IIHS all these features.
These HID headlights I saw a wonderful vehicle test optional extras, along with feature automatic high beams. Lights can also be turned inside the direction of the steering wheel, which helps to illuminate the corners at night.

along with governance: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Review

Thank robust to improvements in all areas, along with 2017 Hyundai Elantra will be more attractive than ever. With the cost starts low along using a lot of features available, the Korean agreement certainly maintain its position as a Go to a car in its class.

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Source: Car Review: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Review

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