Car Review: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

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2015 Volkswagen Jetta

Review summary:

VW Jetta is actually a Golf which has a boot saloon bolted to the rear. that will fills the classification of smaller cars under the Passat, although in all honesty, they do not need to exist?


that will based on the Golf


look dull existence doubtful

Take a look at the VW Golf. Appearance is actually very Great, yes? agreed. Take a look at VW Passat company, not creative, although certainly not ugly. Mate two decent together, as well as also you expect to create an atomic very beautiful. Unfortunately, with the Jetta, This kind of did not happen. as well as also by design Golf which has a boot saloon nailed to the back. that will is actually not like golf. There is actually no creativity, no depth, nothing to get excited about at all.
inside the Jetta there is actually a period brief respite through outer slag. although This kind of is actually to be expected because all the internal circumference come offers VW Golf as well as also the additional. although when all is actually said as well as also done, you can pretend you are driving a golf car or Passat, although that will will not stop those outside look at you as well as also sniggering.
Fortunately, in while the point of This kind of car may be more of a mystery, still made by Volkswagen. Thus, we know that will screwed that will all together properly. The usual finish is actually up to the expected standards as well as also the engine under the hood can be found in additional designs.
what is actually on offer?
Prices start at N5,500,000 for the 2.0-liter variant In N5,800,000 to get the 2.5-liter edition. Former produces 115 horsepower as well as also accelerates through zero to 100 km / h in just 12.6 seconds, while the latter with 170 horsepower, which numbering, does that will in 9.0 seconds only.
summarize the above,
I I hate panning cars without paying them, although please note the following: that will is actually smaller as well as also less comfortable, less powerful, less economical, as well as also is actually equipped as well as the Passat, although that will is actually surprising is actually not so much away through the cost of its older siblings. Why did Volkswagen see that will there is actually a need to convert Golf within the living room? If you are interested in golf, buy golf. If you want to Volkswagen saloon, buy a Passat. Sorry, Jetta, although that will does not seem to serve a purpose.

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