Car Review: 2015 Kia Picanto

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2015 Kia Picanto

Review summary:

economical as well as practical, as well as not bad prices. This particular will be 2015 in a nutshell.


* safety unique feature makes them stand out in its class. * A very not bad cost, as well as the Picanto makes for a not bad first car having a brand-new license holders.


* slightly larger engine will not hurt the line-up.

called morning Kia in South Korea, Kia brand-new Morning in Vietnam, as well as the Picanto as well as we know This particular, we must I was definitely turned on some brand-new stock This particular brand name has earned. Currently the second-generation Kia Picanto marches around with the little tiger nose radiator grille, lower grille as well as the inclusion of a large hexagonal via a large plastic around the fog lamp housings. Emerging contour which begins at the front barrier as well as gets more pronounced as This particular works its way to the peak of LED tail lights, as well as does a wonderful job to add a little excitement to the outside nice otherwise.
The Inner surface of the 2015 Kia Picanto will be a little different, as well as a little out of the ordinary, as well as I love This particular. A switch light of the danger pop within the center of via the dashboard, the steering wheel with one of the biggest smiles I’ve come across, as well as the A / C vents as well as the system of the central radio installed in what looks like a silhouette of a bullet AK-47 image ; Picanto as well as certainly dozens of points for creativity. With 820mm of legroom available for rear-seat passenger space, as well as a short tunnel to accompany the transfer, which can accommodate up to four people easy task Picanto.
packages as well as Picanto in feature interesting pedestrian safety, which will be not heard of in its class. Basically, the front of the vehicle as well as the structures are specially optimal to reduce the potential for pedestrian head as well as leg injuries. The lower bumper stiffener an important additional element which protects the lower leg pedestrian whether there will be a collision.
what will be on offer?
packages as well as Picanto 1.2 in L 4-cylinder engine produces decent to say the least 86 horsepower as well as 0 Newton of torque. If you’ve got a left foot functional, Picanto will be available with several-speed manual transmission, as well as even save you N500,000 on the initial cost. For all others, 1.2 liter mated engine to speed tranny as well as 4 at a cost of N2,800,000.
summarize will be …
Kia Picanto 2015 will be not a competitor hatch hot as well as they do not try to be one either. What was This particular even though will be a little, economical, not bad prices roving the city which has enough space to contain a few mates within the back as well.

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