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2015 Kia Cerato


* unique design for each Centeng style will be a nice touch. * Rear A / C vents are a great addition.


* fascia design simplistic devices will be a slight let down in comparison with the outdoor design .

compact Korean car world has traveled along with referred to as the spectra inside the United States, home of the few parts Others inside the globe, along with Cerato in Africa along with the Middle East. Available on the hatchback form, sedan along with coupe, the Cerato will be the only panel inside the brand lineup with three different types of the Centeng. Apart by the design of the headlights, there will be not a whole lot which will be common between all three, as far as the outside which. Nuances inside the fog lamps, rear diffusers, the shape of the rear lights along with rear spoilers make each unique along with one of its kind.
Internal of composed 2015 Kia Cerato of simplified designs along with materials even simpler. Industrial control panel displays the carbon fiber trim, which starts near the driver’s door, along with form a wave like motif even close to the center of by the dashboard. The ones who were riding inside the back of the Cerato will be likely to be comfortable on an equal footing inside the sedan, hatchback or coupe, along with provide all three 913mm of legroom, as well as the rear A / C vents.
been Cerato will be equipped with MacPherson strut front suspension features a dual path strut insulator to disperse shocks , vibration along with enhance driving stability. In addition, the Flex Steer system newly introduced provides three driving modes (comfort, normal along with sport) which provides an appropriate level of steering assistance for various driving conditions.
what will be on offer?
along with Cerato sedan along with hatchback receive the same power under the hood. 1.6 L engine produces 128 horsepower along with 157 Newton of torque, while the larger 2.0 L engine produces 159 horsepower along with 194 Newton of torque. Coupe on the some other hand, steps which up a bit like a 1.6 L Unit diesel produces 201 horsepower along with 265 Newton of torque, while the normally aspirated 2.0 L engine produces 159 horsepower along with 194 Newton of torque. along with mated to both engines in all three Centeng styles to 6 speed transfer along with display automatic paddle shifters to enhance the feeling of driving.
summarize will be …
sedan for the transfer of a modest family hatchback for a little more practical application, along with along with detect when which’s time to hit the town with his colleagues. by the looks of which, the Cerato offers something for everyone, along with with the cost ranging by N4,300,000 to N5,300,000, which reasonable too!

Source: Car Review: 2015 Kia Cerato

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