Car News: Rolls-Royce testing its all-brand new vehicle architecture

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Source : Car News: Rolls-Royce testing its all-brand new vehicle architecture

BMW owned Rolls-Royce began to test each brand new architecture aluminum surround the audience, which was confirmed by these brand new spy photos.

“will be geometric designs evaluated on public roads in various locations all over the earth,” the company said in a statement earlier which the month.
which is usually 12 months since the carmaker revealed which is usually working on a detailed platform. The first brand new designs based on the architecture up in 2018, says Rolls-Royce.
no direct evidence as type will be the first to get the brand new platform, however is usually likely to be for the 1st time “ Cullinan ‘Pay luxury SUVs, which which is usually also required to arrive later in 2018.
will substitute for the Phantom not be far behind, given the the main structure of the current car back to 2003 as well as the re-launch of the brand under the ownership of BMW. is usually based on the current Phantom of the existence of the temple holographic aluminum which put BMW using the experience gained coming from the production of bicycle Z8 inside the late 1990s.
after the end of which decade, the stealth also switch to the brand new structure. as well as based on the current type based on mono-metallic outgoing structure BMW 7 series , despite the fact which very few shares with the ghost of the previous generation of BMW’s leading.
aluminum platform of the brand new generation will undoubtedly deliver performance notably better designs of Rolls-Royce inside the future, including increased refinement, low noise tire as well as improve the ride which comes using a large structural rigidity improved upon.
However, which is usually also the all-brand new architecture to be able to integrate the most advanced electrical architecture at the BMW Group. which is usually what will enable Rolls-Royce to integrate the various self-driving systems of governance – including lane assist as well as guidance active – as well as controls for the gesture inside the cabin as well as more advanced, the system sat-nav connected to the Internet
More importantly, so, perhaps, a brand new electrical engineering will also include support for hybrid as well as plug-in hybrids transfer. For vehicles which will spend much of their time inside the only “major cities” degree inside the earth some of the power station is usually operated which is usually essential for designs of Rolls-Royce inside the future.
Another point of interest about which announcement is usually which Rolls-Royce is usually currently generating enough cash to pay for the development of its own products, including the considerable cost of which platform brand new stereo, which is usually unique to which trade mark.
exactly a year ago, Rolls-Royce has revealed which sales in 2014 had jumped to 4063 cars, up 12% year-on-year. which is usually believed which which means Rolls-Royce had a turnover of more than £ 1000000000, allowing which to spend between £ 50M as well as £ 70 M annually on research as well as development.
The company has not yet results of its sales performance in 2015. Rolls-Royce in 2015 published, however, is usually likely to have been beaten by a group of Chinese economic slowdown as well as move the country against what he sees as the ruling party on which “excessive demonstrations of wealth.” The United States remains the largest mass market brand.


Source: Car News: Rolls-Royce testing its all-brand new vehicle architecture

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