Car hacking: how cyber security is usually stepping up

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Source : Car hacking: how cyber security is usually stepping up

in car technology company reveals a fresh program to help protect the connected cars via attacks by hackers


company technology Harman, distributor of information as well as entertainment systems for brands such as Mercedes-Benz , BMW as well as Porsche , fresh programs to deal with the growing threat of piracy car was launched, as well as after you got Two security software.

to buy Towersec as well as Redbend means technologies contribute to the “framework 5 +1 Cyber ​​Security,” Harman’s fresh, which provides 5 layers of protection against any attack, via the hardware level up to the vehicle network

as well as said, Director of Harman of technology commercialization, Hans Roth: “as we move forward toward an independent leadership, cars require more built-in connectivity inherent inside car, as well as became a security-mail as well as so on priority.”

Towersec, has developed a specialist in “intrusion prevention” , a program for the protection of military weapons systems via hacking, as well as two software automotive products, ECUshield as well as TCUshield.

TCUshield prevents undesirable wireless connections with the auto TCU (linked units) of information technology, while revealing ECUshield as well as prevents attempts to penetrate the ECU (electronic control units) car or a network link.

“There can be up to 0 ECU in a modern luxury car as well as said,” Ruth.

Redbend developed OTA (over the air) technology to modernize the security systems inside car via a distance. as well as provide all three as part of the framework of 5 + 1.

flexible nature allows automakers to choose the items via which they wish to use. “Some have been replaced by another way of one or more layers,” said a spokesman.

, for example, has adopted one factory system Redbend OTA remote software updates so far, although This specific is usually not used to update security systems.

ECOshield as well as TCUshield include an algorithm that will can “spot without knowing the method of attack inside offensive line attack,” the spokesman said.

Unlike anti-virus computer software, which This specific must constantly be updated with lists of viruses as well as recognize Towersec algorithm inside original data inside Controller Area Network (CAN – which is usually equivalent to a car via the office computer network.), Treats they do not recognize the threat as well as tells the auto not to use

This specific prevents unwanted instructions given to the vehicle via abroad took effect, even if the hackers were able to connect to the auto inside first place.

The news comes via the US authorities, including the FBI, issued a warning to the “company – via vehicles, automotive components as well as devices aftermarket – to maintain awareness of the issues as well as threats as well as potential cyber security-related technologies vehicle linked in vehicles modern “.

piracy Jeep Cherokee [made

US software experts Charlie Miller as well as Chris Valasek headlines inside past year through piracy Jeep Cherokee over the mobile phone network.

resulted inside demonstration Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles are believed to be vulnerable to attack.


Miller as well as Valasek able to contact the communications segment in pocket ‘s unit as well as the media – ironically, designed previously Harman Ucontrol system several years

via there, they were able access to the unit area network controllers pocket as well as some vital functions

Def Con conference in piracy. In Las Vegas, he said Miller was “superdifficult” mission, which lasted three as well as a half months to complete.

husband also have full access to the head unit as well as different parts of the pocket, which was purchased for the experiment.

According to the FBI, as well as the pair may shut down the engine as well as disable the brakes as well as control the driving below 10mph.

at any speed, they were able to run as well as less critical functions such as door locks, turn signals, radio as well as GPS. Some automotive technology today has left vulnerable to attack.

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Source: Car hacking: how cyber security is usually stepping up

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