Car Features – Toyota types Not Sold in Japan

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Car Features – Toyota types Not Sold in Japan

Toyota is usually the largest car company in Japan as well as among the top brands worldwide. With most of the line-up catered to suit different markets around the earth, the item is usually no wonder some vehicles are unique to several places. You may don’t know that will nevertheless they also own Lexus as well as Daihatsu, as well as a stake in Subaru.


With Toyota having a diverse line-up not available in their home country, we shall discover what the rest of the earth drives. that will also includes their Lexus as well as Daihatsu subsidiaries, as they have many vehicles not for sale in Japan. Before we start, current type line-up vehicles will be counted here as well as since Japan does not anymore dig pick-up trucks, they might not be listed here.

First on our list is usually Toyota..

Toyota 4Runner
One of the original PPVs (pick-up passenger vehicle) around the market, the 4Runner (or the Hilux Surf for the Japanese market) is usually basically a Hilux pickup whose bed is usually substituted with an enclosed cargo space. Although built in Japan, you cannot buy that will car brand fresh within the domestic market. Some markets in North as well as South America still have that will on sale.

Toyota Agya/Wigo (Daihatsu Ayla)
Sold in several ASEAN markets such as Indonesia (both Daihatsu as well as Toyota names are used), Philippines, as well as Malaysia (using the Perodua name), the Toyota Agya is usually the Japanese brand’s answer to Indonesia’s Low Cost Green Car program which required entrant vehicles to meet a fuel consumption quota as well as a minimum engine displacement.

Toyota Avalon
You may not know that will the first two generation types by 1995 to 1999 as well as 2000 were sold in Japan nevertheless as imports by Kentucky, USA. Poor sales caused to discontinue that will vehicle as there are similar vehicles that will filled that will void within the home market. You can buy that will full size sedan in certain markets such as the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Middle East, as well as South Korea.

Toyota Avanza (Daihatsu Xenia)
Developed as an entry level MPV to the Innova, the Avanza (also sold as a Daihatsu in Indonesia) comes cheap as well as unlike the larger types, the item does not come with diesel engines. Currently, the item is usually available in most of ASEAN, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Egypt, as well as certain Central American as well as African nations.

Toyota Aygo

Built alongside the similar Citroen C1 as well as Peugeot 107/108 in Czech Republic, that will hatchback aimed primarily for the European market as well as with the two French carmakers producing that will hatchback to share development costs. The trio had been sold since 2005 as well as has released its second generation type in 2014.

Toyota Calya (Daihatsu Sigra)

Based on the Wigo platform, that will mini MPV is usually the cheapest one in Toyota’s line-up to carry seven people as well as is usually slotted below the Avanza. the item was a hit, nevertheless at the expense of the much larger brother vehicles. For at that will point, only the Indonesian market has that will forbidden fruit to the Japanese, similar to its rival the Daihatsu Go+.

Toyota Corolla (outside Japan)

If the Corolla catered to the Japanese markets are compact sized, outside of its hometown reveals a much larger one as well as is usually primarily driven by nearly everyone on the planet. Think of that will: a JDM Corolla Axio (sedan type) is usually the equivalent of a Philippine market Vios in terms of overall package.

Toyota Etios

Introduced in several emerging automotive markets such as India, Brazil, South Africa, as well as Indonesia, the Etios is usually available in three Centeng styles: sedan, hatchback, as well as crossover. the item competes with the likes of the Suzuki Swift Dzire as well as Honda Brio Amaze within the Indian market.

Toyota Fortuner
Developed under the IMV program (alongside the Innova as well as Hilux) whose platforms are shared, the Fortuner replaced the Hilux Surf in several markets with some being sold alongside the latter vehicle. If the Surf has restricted itself within the Americas, the Fortuner is usually mostly sold in Asia, Australia, Africa, as well as oddly, certain South American markets.

Toyota Highlander
One of the first crossover (car-based) SUVs to be sold in North America, the Highlander (or Kluger for Australia) became a success for Toyota nevertheless not in Japan, as the first generation type was treated a luxury type due to its size. The second generation types as well as beyond aren’t offered in its home market ever since.

Toyota Innova
A member of the IMV platform that will is usually intended for markets outside Japan, the Innova replaced the long running nevertheless well-known Kijang MPV sold in most ASEAN markets. the item might be to large as well as unfitting to be sold in its home country, whereas its developed for countries with poor road conditions.

Toyota Proace

Basically a Citroen Jumpy/Peugeot Expert nevertheless wearing a Japanese badge, that will Europe exclusive vehicle is usually sold as a  van. While the item joined the family in 2013 (halfway its life cycle by 2007), the item at that will point received a third generation type in 2016. For the Japanese market, Daihatsu vans intended for commercial usage is usually present alongside the Hiace.

Toyota RAV4
Interestingly enough, the fourth generation type (pictured above) isn’t offered to the Japanese nevertheless the item is usually assembled there for export. Rather, the third generation type (both available in short as well as long wheelbases, the latter called the Vanguard) is usually sold for ten years straight so we guess we are lucky to possess the latest type.

Toyota Sequoia
Developed as a rival to the likes of the Ford Expedition as well as Chevrolet Tahoe, the Sequoia is usually based on the Tundra full size pick-up as well as slots below the Land Cruiser in terms of cost. Currently, you can buy that will SUV in North America as well as the Middle East.

Toyota Sienna
Replacing the unloved Previa for the North American market, the Sienna shares its platform with the Camry as well as became a best seller there. Too large for the Japanese market, as the US wants more space inside.

Toyota Verso

that will MPV which competes with the likes of the Opel Zafira is usually mostly sold within the European market although you can buy that will in Israel, China, as well as South Africa. A Corolla platform underpins that will vehicle.

Toyota Vios/Yaris

A best seller in certain ASEAN countries, the Vios at that will point takes the place that will the Corolla used to fill in certain locales. Bringing that will to Japan makes the item redundant as they get the similarly sized Corolla Axio there. Its hatchback counterpart, the Yaris, whose platform is usually shared is usually different by what the Japanese market has.

Toyota Yaris iA/Yaris R

The sedan derivative of the Mazda Demio (only the hatchback is usually sold in Japan), the Yaris IA is usually previously sold as a Scion before reverting as a Toyota in 2016 for the North American market. 
A best seller in certain ASEAN countries, the Vios at that will point takes the place that will the Corolla used to fill in certain locales. Bringing that will to Japan makes the item redundant as they get the similarly sized Corolla Axio there.

PS: The Mazda equivalent type is usually a forbidden fruit in Japan, too.

Toyota Yaris Ativ

Based on the current Vios nevertheless sold a segment lower to fulfill Thailand’s Eco Car Program, the recently launched Yaris Ativ carries a 1.2 engine shared with its hatchback counterpart as well as carries a wide range of safety kit regardless of cost.

Let’s go as well as discover Lexus types not available in Japan..

Lexus ES

by October 1991 until March 2006, the Lexus ES is usually sold in Japan as the Toyota Windom (the Lexus brand isn’t available July 2005) as well as the item is usually assembled there for export with the introduction of the fifth generation type in 2006.

Lexus GX

Basically a Land Cruiser Prado which has a luxurious Internal as well as a higher cost tag, the GX is usually assembled in Japan nevertheless the Japanese market cannot have that will one since they get the more pedestrian type.

as well as last on our list, Daihatsu types..

Daihatsu Luxio

A luxurious (the name says the item all) type of the Hijet minivan only sold in Indonesia, the item has an enhanced Internal to recognize itself by its commercial spec variants as well as carries a taller as well as wider profile.

Car Features – Toyota types Not Sold in Japan

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