Car Features – Japanese Branded Cars Sold in Japan as well as Ten Long Running Japanese Nameplates

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Car Features – Japanese Branded Cars Sold in Japan as well as Ten Long Running Japanese Nameplates

Our first part showed vehicles in which are sold from the Philippines yet NOT (emphasis on the not) available in Japan due to numerous factors. In This specific part, we will be featuring vehicles in which were both sold from the Philippines as well as in Japan especially in which our market will be heavily dominated by the Nippons.


With ten Japanese manufacturers here from the Philippines which, give or take, command an estimated 60% of the market in terms of sales, no doubt they do have designs which are both unique outside the Japanese market. Most of our ASEAN neighbors get the same Japanese vehicles like us yet some are unique to each different. Their counterparts back home may have variations to suit local tastes such as engines as well as different stuffs yet they are still the same car.

Not to forget, we shall discover the ten long running Japanese nameplates which stood the test of time. However, we will be counting their period which are sold inside Japan as well as years as export only vehicle will be not considered.

Long running Japanese car nameplates

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

2. Toyota Crown

3. Nissan Skyline

4. Nissan Patrol

4. Daihatsu Hijet

5. Suzuki Carry

5. Subaru Sambar

6. Nissan Sunny/Bluebird Sylphy/Sylphy

6. Mazda Bongo

6. Toyota Corolla

6. Mitsubishi Colt

7. Mitsubishi Minica

7. Toyota Hiace

8. Mitsubishi Delica

8. Nissan/Datsun Truck

9. Suzuki Jimny

9. Toyota Liteace

10. Nissan Gloria

10. Toyota Corona

Vehicle (Philippine Market)Years Availability (PH)Vehicle (Japan Market)Years Availability (JP)
Daihatsu Charade1990-1998Daihatsu Charade1977-2000
Daihatsu Feroza1989-1999Daihatsu Rocky1989-1998
Daihatsu Hijet1989-1999Daihatsu Hijet/Atrai (passenger van)1960-Current (Hijet), 1981-Current (Atrai)
Honda Accord1994-CurrentHonda Accord/Ascot/Vigor/Inspire/Ascot Innova/Torneo1976-Current (Accord as a whole), 1989-1997 (Ascot), 1993-1996 (Ascot Innova), 1997-2001 (Torneo), 1981-1995 (Vigor), 1989-2013 (Inspire, seventh as well as eighth generation Accord in PH market)
Honda City1996-CurrentHonda City/Fit Aria/Grace1981-1994 (as City), 2002-2008 (as Fit Aria), 2014-Current (as Grace)
Honda Civic1991-CurrentHonda Civic1972-Current
Honda CR-V1997-CurrentHonda CR-V1995-Current
Honda CR-Z2013-CurrentHonda CR-Z2010-Current
Honda HR-V2000-2002, 2015-CurrentHonda HR-V/Vezel1998-2006 (as HR-V), 2013-Current (as Vezel)
Honda Jazz2004-CurrentHonda Fit2001-Current
Honda Legend1994-1998, 2015-CurrentHonda Legend1985-2012, 2014-Current
Honda Odyssey1997-1998, 2012-Current (2012-2014 for US Market style, 2015-Current for Japan Market style)Honda Odyssey/LaGreat (US Market style)1994-Current (Odyssey as a whole), 1999-2004 (LaGreat)
Honda S20002001Honda S20001999-2009
Isuzu LS/Fuego1992-1997 (as LS), 1998-2005 (as Fuego)Isuzu Faster1972-1994
Isuzu Trooper1996-2005Isuzu Bighorn1981-2002
Lexus CT2011-CurrentLexus CT2011-Current
Lexus ES2009-CurrentToyota Camry Prominent/Vista/Windom1989-1991 (as Camry Prominent/Vista), 1991-2006 (as Windom) *VEHICLE NOT SOLD IN JAPAN by 2006-ONWARDS
Lexus GS2009-CurrentToyota Aristo/Lexus GS1991-2005 (as Toyota), 2005-Current (as Lexus)
Lexus will be2009-CurrentToyota Altezza/Lexus will be1998-2005 (as Toyota), 2005-Current (as Lexus)
Lexus LS2009-CurrentToyota Celsior/Lexus LS1989-2005 (as Toyota), 2006-Current (as Lexus)
Lexus LX2009-CurrentLexus LX2015-Current
Lexus NX2014-CurrentLexus NX2014-Current
Lexus RC2014-CurrentLexus RC2014-Current
Lexus RX2009-CurrentToyota Harrier/Lexus RX1997-2013 (as Toyota), 2009-Current (as Lexus) *REDESIGNED IN 2013 AS AN INDEPENDENT style
Mazda 22010-CurrentMazda Demio1996-Current
Mazda 32004-CurrentMazda Axela2003-Current
Mazda 323/323 Familia/Astina/Lantis1993-1998 (323 as well as Astina), 1996-2000 (323 Familia), 1996-1998 (Lantis)Mazda Familia/Familia Presto/Astina as well as Eunos 100/Familia Neo/Lantis/Familia Van1963-2003 (Famiia as a whole), 1973-1977 (as Familia Presto, sedan as well as coupe only), 1989-1996 (Astina as well as Eunos 100), 1994-1995 (Familia Neo), 1993-1997 (Lantis), 1994-Current (Familia Van) *VAN style NOT RELATED, STILL PRODUCED.
Mazda 62004-CurrentMazda Atenza2002-Current
Mazda 6261993-1998Mazda Capella/Cronos/Eifini MS-6/Autozam Clef1970-2002 (Capella as a whole), 1991-1994 (Cronos, sedan), 1991-1994 (Eifini MS-6), 1992-1994 (Autozam Clef)
Mazda B2200/B25001988-2000Mazda B-Series/Proceed1961-1979 (as B-Series), 1985-1998 (as Proceed)
Mazda CX-52012-CurrentMazda CX-52012-Current
Mazda CX-72009-2012Mazda CX-72006-2011
Mazda E20001994-1999Mazda Bongo/Bongo Friendee/Eunos Cargo Wagon1966-Current (Bongo as a whole), 1995-2005 (Bongo Friendee), Eunos Cargo Wagon (1990-1993)
Mazda MPV1996-1998Mazda/Eifini MPV1989-Current (Mazda MPV), 1991-1997 (Eifini MPV)
Mazda MX-51996-1998, 2008-CurrentMazda/Eunos Roadster1989-1997 (as Eunos), 1998-Current (as Mazda)
Mazda Tribute2004-2009Mazda Tribute2000-2006
Mitsubishi ASX2010-CurrentMitsubishi RVR1991-2002, 2010-Current
Mitsubishi Eclipse1997-1998, 2007-2011Mitsubishi Eclipse1990-2000, 2004-2006
Mitsubishi Galant1977-2012Mitsubishi Galant/Galant Sigma/Galant Lambda, Galant Eterna Σ/Mitsubishi Eterna/Mitsubishi Emeraude/Mitsubishi Legnum/Mitsubishi Aspire1969-2005 (Galant as a whole), 1976-1980 (as Galant Sigma), 1981-1989 (Galant Sigma), 1976-1984 (Galant Lambda, coupe), 1980-1987 (Galant Eterna Σ), 1983-1995 (Eterna as a whole), 1992-1995 (Emeraude, hardtop), 1996-2002 (Legnum, wagon), 1998-2003 (Aspire, sedan yet used GDI engines)
Mitsubishi Grandis2005-2011Mitsubishi Grandis2003-2009
Mitsubishi L200/Endeavor/Strada1993-1998, 2012-2015 (as L200), 1999-2006 (as Endeavor), 1999-Current (as Strada)Mitsubishi Forte/Strada/Triton1978-1986 (as Forte), 1991-1999 (as Strada), 2006-2011 (as Triton)
Mitsubishi L300/Space Gear1980s-2011 (Versa Van), 1997-2004 (Exceed Van), 1992-Current (FB Centeng as well as truck derivatives), 1997-2007 (Space Gear)Mitsubishi Delica1968-Current *different VEHICLES by MAZDA, NISSAN, as well as SUZUKI USE THE DELICA NAME
Mitsubishi Lancer/Lancer EX/Lancer Evolution/Celeste1973-Current (Lancer as a whole), 1973-2012 (Lancer), 2008-Current (Lancer EX), 1998-2015 (Lancer Evolution), 70s to 80s (Celeste)Mitsubishi Lancer/Lancer Fiore/Lancer Cedia/Galant Fortis/Lancer Evolution1973-Current (Lancer as a whole), 1983-1987 (Lancer Fiore, sedan based by Mirage), 1988-1991 (sedan, Mirage or Lancer), 1988-1996 (liftback, as Lancer), 2000-2007 (as Lancer Cedia, Cedia name dropped in 2003), 2007-2015 (as Galant Fortis), 1992-2016 (Lancer Evolution)
Mitsubishi Minica70s to 80sMitsubishi Minica/360/Minica Toppo1962-2011 (Minica as a whole), 1990-2004, 2008-Current (Minica Toppo) *REINTRODUCED IN 2008 AS TOPPO
Mitsubishi Mirage2012-CurrentMitsubishi Mirage/Lancer Fiore1978-2003 (Mirage as a whole) 1983-1987 (Lancer Fiore, sedan), 1988-1991 (sedan, Mirage or Lancer), 1988-1996 (liftback, as Lancer), 1991-1995 (Mirage sedan, Mirage Cyborg hatchback as well as Mirage Asti coupe), 1992-2002 (Libero wagon), 1995-2003 (Mirage sedan, hathcback, Mirage Asti coupe), 2012-Current (hatchback)
Mitsubishi Montero Sport2005-CurrentMitsubishi Challenger1996-2003
Mitsubishi Outlander2003-2010, 2016-CurrentMitsubishi Airtek/Outlander2001-2005 (as Airtek), 2005-Current (as Outlander)
Mitsubishi Pajero1988-CurrentMitsubishi Pajero/Pajero Junior/Pajero Io/Pajero Mini1982-Current (Pajero), 1995-1998 (Pajero Junior), 1998-2007 (Pajero Io), 1994-2013 (Pajero Mini)
Mitsubishi Space Wagon1992-1999Mitsubishi Chariot/Chariot Grandis1983-2003 (Chariot as a whole), 1983-1997 (as Chariot), 1997-2003 (as Chariot Grandis)
Nissan 200SX1997-1998Nissan Silvia1964-1968, 1974-2002
Nissan 350Z2003-2009Nissan Fairlady Z1969-2000, 2002-Current
Nissan AD Max/Resort1994-2000Nissan AD1982-Current
Nissan Almera2013-CurrentNissan Latio2012-Current
Nissan Altima1993-1998, 2014-CurrentNissan Teana2013-Current (Third generation style)
Nissan Bluebird1990-1993Nissan Bluebird1957-2001
Nissan Cedric1994-1998Nissan Cedric1960-2004
Nissan Cefiro1989-1991, 1997-2007Nissan Cefiro1988-2003
Nissan Eagle/Power Eagle/Pathfinder1988-1998Nissan/Datsun Truck1955-2002
Nissan Juke2015-CurrentNissan Juke2010-Current
Nissan Maxima1987-1991Nissan Violet1973-1992 (Violet as a whole)
Nissan Murano2006-2015Nissan Murano2004-2015
Nissan Patrol1987-CurrentNissan Patrol/Safari1951-1980 (as Patrol), 1980-2007 (as Safari)
Nissan Sentra/Sylphy/California1987-2014 (as Sentra), 2014-Current (as Sylphy), 1988-1992 (California, wagon)Nissan Sunny/Bluebird Sylphy/Sylphy1966-2005 (as Sunny), 1989-1996 (Sunny California, wagon), 2000-2012 (as Bluebird Sylphy), 2012-Current (as Sylphy)
Nissan Serena2002-2012Nissan Serena1991-Current
Nissan Teana2007-2014Nissan Teana2003-Current
Nissan Terrano1996-2003Nissan Terrano/Terrano Regulus1989-2002
Nissan Urvan/NV350 Urvan1988-2015 (as Urvan), 2015-Current (as NV350 Urvan)Nissan Caravan/NV350 Caravan/Homy1973-Current (Caravan as a whole), 1973-2012 (as Caravan), 2012-Current (as NV350 Caravan), 1965-1997 (as Homy)
Nissan Vanette1993-2000Nissan Vanette/NV200 Vanette1978-2011 (as Vanette), 2009-Current (as NV200 Vanette)
Nissan Verita2000-2004Nissan March1982-Current
Nissan X-Trail2003-CurrentNissan X-Trail2000-Current
Subaru Forester2001-CurrentSubaru Forester1997-Current
Subaru Impreza/WRX1997-1999, 2002-CurrentSubaru Impreza/WRX1992-Current
Subaru Legacy1996-1999, 2006-CurrentSubaru Legacy/Legacy B4/Legacy Touring Wagon/Legacy Landcaster1989-Current (Legacy as a whole), 1989-2014 (Legacy Touring/Grand wagon, wagon), 1998-Current (Legacy B4, sedan), 1997-2003 (Legacy Landcaster, a raised wagon)
Subaru Levorg2015-CurrentSubaru Levorg2014-Current
Subaru Outback2006-CurrentSubaru Outback2003-Current
Subaru XV2012-CurrentSubaru Impreza XV2012-Current
Suzuki Alto/Celerio2007-Current (Alto), 2009-Current (Celerio)Suzuki Alto1979-Current
Suzuki Carry1988-CurrentSuzuki Carry1961-Current
Suzuki Esteem1997-2002Suzuki Cultus Cresent1995-2002
Suzuki Kizashi2012-CurrentSuzuki Kizashi2009-2015
Suzuki Samurai/Jimny1989-CurrentSuzuki Jimny1970-Current
Suzuki Swift2005-CurrentSuzuki Swift1983-Current
Suzuki SX42008-2015Suzuki SX42006-Current
Suzuki Vitara/Grand Vitara/XL-71995-2004 (Vitara), 2000-Current (Grand Vitara), 2003-2005 (XL-7)Suzuki Escudo/Grand Escudo1988-Current (Escudo), 2000-2005 (Grand Escudo)
Toyota 862012-CurrentToyota 862012-Current
Toyota Alphard2010-CurrentToyota Alphard/Vellfire2002-Current (Alphard), 2007-Current (Vellfire)
Toyota Camry1996-CurrentToyota Camry/Camry Gracia (US Market style)1982-Current (Camry as a whole), 1996-2001 (Camry Gracia)
Toyota Corolla/Corolla Altis1966-1985, 1989-2005 (Corolla), 2001-Current (Corolla Altis)Toyota Corolla/Corolla Axio/Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Ceres/Corolla Fielder/Corolla FX/Corolla RunX/Corolla Spacio/Corolla Rumion1966-Current (Corolla as a whole), 1966-2006 (as Corolla), 2006-Current (as Corolla Axio), 1972-2000 (Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno, sports coupe), 1992-1998 (Corolla Ceres, hardtop), 1966-2000 (as Corolla wagon), 2000-Current (as Corolla Fielder, wagon), 1983-1995 (Corolla FX, hatchback), 2001-2006 (Corolla RunX, hachback), 1997-2007 (Corolla Spacio, MPV), 2007-2016 (Corolla Rumion, hatchback)
Toyota Corona1973-1985, 1991-1999Toyota Corona/Corona Premio/Corona EXIV/Corona SF1957-2002 (Corona as a whole), 1996-2001 (Corona Premio), 1989-1998 (Corona EXIV, hardtop), 1989-1996 (Corona SF, liftback)
Toyota Crown1970s-1980s, 1989-1999Toyota Crown/Crown Majesta1955-Current (Crown as a whole), 1991-Current (Crown Majesta, higher style)
Toyota Echo Verso2000-2004Toyota Fun Cargo1999-2005
Toyota Echo/Yaris2000-2002 (Echo), 2007-Current (Yaris)Toyota Vitz1998-Current
Toyota FJ Cruiser2013-CurrentToyota FJ Cruiser2011-Current
Toyota Hiace1970s-1980s, 1995-CurrentToyota Hiace/Hiace Regius/Grand Hiace/Touring Hiace1967-Current (Hiace as a whole), 1999-2002 (Grand Hiace as well as Touring Hiace), 1997-1999 (Hiace Regius)
Toyota Hilux1970s-1980s, 1993-CurrentToyota Hilux/Hilux Surf1968-2004 (Hilux, pickup), 1984-2009 (Hilux Surf, SUV)
Toyota Land Cruiser1970s-1980s, 1993-CurrentToyota Land Cruiser1951-Current (Though the Land Cruiser name was used in 1954, the idea’s origins were based by the Jeep BJ in 1951)
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado1997-CurrentToyota Land Cruiser Prado1984-1990 (as variant of Land Cruiser 70), 1990-Current (as standalone style)
Toyota Liteace1989-1999Toyota Liteace/Townace1970-Current (Liteace), 1976-Current (Townace)
Toyota Previa1994-1999, 2003-CurrentToyota Estima/Enima/Lucida1990-Current (Estima), 1992-2000 (Enima as well as Lucida, smaller versions)
Toyota Prius2009-CurrentToyota Prius1997-Current
Toyota Prius C2012-CurrentToyota Aqua2011-Current
Toyota RAV41997-CurrentToyota RAV41994-Current
Toyota Vios2003-CurrentToyota Belta2005-2012

Car Features – Japanese Branded Cars Sold in Japan as well as Ten Long Running Japanese Nameplates

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