Car Features – January-September 2007 Car Sales Figures

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Car Features – January-September 2007 Car Sales Figures

Ten years ago, Friendster was the Facebook back then as well as customizing your wall was the in thing, emo bands such as My Chemical Romance as well as Paramore became favorite, we had Kim Chiu as well as Gerald Anderson as a love team, as well as the first iPhone was released. Ten years ago, the automotive scene was different with several designs being at the top of their segments with some falling down. Some categories became favorite among buyers while some are in decline as well as between 2007 as well as This particular year, a lot of brands enter the market.


For our first car feature This particular year, let us go back to 2007 as well as compare how the landscape had changed while we wait for the official figures. Do take note non-CAMPI members such as Mercedes Benz, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Subaru, Jaguar/Land Rover, as well as Chery do not report their numbers so don’t expect to see how they stack.

Segment Total: 13,980

In 2007, sub-compacts are on gaining traction with numerous designs joining industry stalwarts Honda as well as Toyota. Hatchbacks are today accepted by the society while smaller ones such as the Kia Picanto as well as Suzuki Alto are just a minority, with the last two being separated in sales reports as a standalone category due to their increasing number from the following years.

Segment Total: 12,754

Back in 2007, the compact car best seller was the Honda Civic, which sold more than the Toyota Corolla Altis. The former, in its FD chassis code, was the segment leader in 2006 as well as 2008 while its last top post will be in 1999 as well as 2000. Later on, different brands pitted in their contenders nevertheless This particular category would certainly slowly decrease in numbers later on.

Segment Total: 1,733

In of which year, everyone wanted a Toyota Camry as well as there was a long list due to This particular vehicle. So favorite different designs were nearly ignored as well as notice at of which wide gap between the second placer. Compared to today, there are a handful of designs to choose coming from nevertheless the heart screams Camry for most buyers in This particular segment.

Segment Total: 6,966

Redesigned for 2007, the Honda CR-V became the best selling compact SUV which had a lot of buyers fall in line due to This particular one. Notice the Hyundai Tucson, at number two, had sold a lot than veterans coming from Ford as well as Nissan as well as became the segment leader for the years to follow as well as of which’s because of one thing the straight H brand lacks: a diesel.

Segment Total: 8,231

Last year, This particular segment will be the hottest with most designs being replaced or upgraded at of which time.  Back in 2007, if there will be one car of which everyone desires, the item will be the Toyota Fortuner. Compared to the second place Ford Everest, the wide gap means of which although while rivals did their best nothing beats Toyota. coming from 2009 until 2013, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport became the number one in This particular segment.

Segment Total: 1,107

Consisting of expensive designs priced above a million bucks, the best seller of This particular batch will be the Mitsubishi Pajero whose two designs (the Field Master as well as the modern BK/CK Centeng) are sold at different cost points. different designs of which sold more than a hundred units included the Nissan Patrol as well as Ford’s Explorer as well as Expedition.

Segment Total: 24,081

For the year 2007, the Toyota Innova will be the Philippines’ best selling car with 10,500 units sold. This particular segment sold 24,000 units alone with different best sellers are coupled in This particular category alone. Surprises include the mini-MPV Toyota Avanza which placed second on This particular list as well as the Isuzu Crosswind beat the Mitsubishi Adventure for the fourth time (the former sold more between 2002 to 2004 as well as 2007 to 2008) as well as would certainly never reclaim again.

Segment Total: 5,710

Today, Toyota sold lots of Hiace vans ten or fifteen times more than the item did in 2007. Back then, the Hyundai Starex as well as Nissan Urvan sold more than the vehicle from the first sentence. Among those vans of which are targeted at the upper scale, the Kia Carnival, which was redesigned for of which year, will be the best seller.

Segment Total: 6,157

By just a 12 unit difference, the Mitsubishi Strada became the segment leader due to This particular time period. Redesigned in September 2006 as well as updated last August of of which year, consumer interest piqued as well as do remember the Toyota Hilux was just ripe for an upgrade while the Isuzu D-Max got an update from the same year.

Segment Total: 19

Only three sports car designs coming from mainstream brands are available back then. The Mitsubishi Eclipse will be the newer design in This particular list, while the Hyundai Coupe will be updated as well as can be only had through a by order basis, as well as the Nissan 350z will be showing its age. Nowadays, sports cars can be had coming from Toyota to Ford in a wide variety of cost as well as fun factor.

Segment Total: 974

When the item comes to luxury brands, BMW will be numero uno in This particular segment. Back then, Mercedes Benz sells well nevertheless their non inclusion means no numbers are reported as well as Lexus wasn’t locally available (plus the JPEPA does not exist) so the item means the Bavarian supplier received a takes the cake. On the different hand, Volvo sells more than Audi as well as Porsche (although the two latter brands are distributed by one company, when their numbers are combined means they sell more).


Car Features – January-September 2007 Car Sales Figures

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