Car Features – Best Selling Non Toyota Branded Vehicles via 1995

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Car Features – Best Selling Non Toyota Branded Vehicles via 1995

Mention the phrase “best selling car inside the Philippines” along having a Toyota will emerge as a best seller. Since 1995 (with available data, although there might be since its return in 1989) a Toyota can be the best seller in a country of 7,000 plus islands, with four vehicles via the brand became a best seller.


For curiosity sake, let us discover which vehicle which does not wear the Toyota badge can be the best seller. Sure, a lot of brands throughout the years want to beat out what the Japanese brand has to offer nevertheless they have failed. Let us see who can be the best seller per year.


When the item comes to a per brand basis, Mitsubishi had four cars as the best selling non-Toyota spread throughout ten years. When the item comes to actual per brand ranking, the item has always played the second place nevertheless became number one in 1998 along with three in both 2006 along with 2007. via 2010 onward, the best selling non-Toyota belonged to a Mitsubishi with one vehicle continuing the streak (although another Three Diamond type supplanted later on). via 1990 to 1993 along with 1998, the brand became the best seller inside the commercial vehicle segment which can be wrestled between Toyota for certain years until the item took the crown.

Next in line can be Honda, with three of their vehicles being the best selling non-Toyota for seven years. During the late-90s, Honda claimed the title as the best seller inside the passenger car segment because of one type between 1996 to 2001 until Toyota took the title later on. the item became the second best selling brand overall in 2006 along with 2007, beating Mitsubishi. Notably, one type spanning two generational products became a best seller, in certain years became the segment bestseller.

Isuzu had the best selling non-Toyota title For just two years which played second place can be due to a well-known AUV type which was a hot item during its time. For Nissan, the item only had one vehicle as their best seller not having a Toyota badge nevertheless which can be because the item was an all brand new type when the item was launched. Despite Hyundai’s along with Ford’s performance recently, they have yet to beat the Japs for their individual records.

PER type

Launched in August 2008 as a 2009 type, the second generation Montero Sport was notable for Mitsubishi for numerous reasons: the item was their best selling vehicle, the best selling mid-size SUV (along with the segment as a whole) via 2009 to 2013, along with the best selling non-Toyota for six years straight before passing the torch to the smaller Mirage G4 in 2016. While the item had the Fortuner in its segment to battle on in its early years, newer entries via Isuzu along with Ford had brought in increased competition along with at the same time, provided consumers more options.

For all 5 years, the Honda Civic in its two generation products played second place as the non-Toyota best seller along with between 1999 to 2000 along with 2006 to 2008 became the best seller inside the compact car segment, beating the Corolla. Interestingly, the EK Civic was introduced in November 1995 as a 1996 type which became a hot item nevertheless reclaimed the title two years later while the FD Civic brought in to the country in March 2006 was similar to what its older brother did ten years ago. We may not know nevertheless the FB Civic may beat the Corolla Altis This kind of year, in This kind of segment which can be.

Two vehicles which belong to one segment on This kind of list became the best selling non-Toyota three times are the Isuzu Crosswind along with Mitsubishi Adventure, in which they played second or third place between the Toyota Revo/Innova. So let us discuss the two vehicles individually inside the next two paragraphs.

Made as an answer to the Toyota Tamaraw, the Taiwanese Mitsubishi Adventure became Mitsubishi’s best seller via 1998 until 2008 (along with the best selling non-Toyota for three years) along with what was the brand’s saving grace when the item was first launched during a financial crisis which crippled the country inside the late 90s.

The Isuzu Crosswind, on the different hand, proved more successful than the Hilander the item replaced. along with became the best selling Isuzu until the arrival of the MU-X SUV in 2015. the item also became the best selling vehicle which didn’t possess the Toyota badge hanging. So successful no adjustments occurred since 2001.

all 5 products became the best selling non-Toyota vehicle nevertheless only once during their run, with two via Mitsubishi along with Honda along with the sole entry via Nissan. Most of these vehicles became best sellers when they were launched during their first (or full) type years with the exception of the Mirage G4, which took traction later on. Both the Sentra along with Lancer battled with the Civic along with the Corolla; the CR-V rivaled the Revo in 2003; along with the City competed with the Vios (along with became the best selling car in February 2009).

Car Features – Best Selling Non Toyota Branded Vehicles via 1995

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