Car culture is usually dying? Not on This kind of evidence

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Source : Car culture is usually dying? Not on This kind of evidence

Hampton Village Classic Car Show Citroen DS of said car culture is usually dying out? inside summer here, the classic car scene in full swing


dead car culture, if you think doom mongers out there. at This kind of point leads a duty, not pleasure, in addition to cars are too fast or too complicated or too boring for anyone to get excited about, the kids are too glued to their mobile phones to show the most interest.

Obviously no one told anyone in Hampton Village, a little suburb in southwest London, where I happen to live, in addition to where the annual car recently rolled on our local green appear. the item was packed – with all of the cars in addition to people of all ages who flocked to see what was happening

the item’s the scene in which will be in force across the country for the so-called summer months, with cars of all shapes, sizes in addition to ages are presented, as the item is usually shown by the proud owners in addition to they were ogled by a keen cars in addition to pedestrians lovers alike. Passion in addition to energy around every auto show – large or little – to go to one of the many reasons in which I think the item was the death of car culture much exaggerated

Some will say in which the classic cars are inherently more interesting than those of modern in addition to highly I understand in which. I also think, though, in which today’s cars will become automotive yesterday in addition to will be equally interesting to future generations old Alfa Romeo , Elvis or Citroen the item is usually today.

Due to display Hampton is usually precisely the width of the road by my front door, in addition to I’m trying to find something interesting to display. Last year was the Autocar test the long-term Ferrari FF, This kind of year I went back to the 1960’s with Citro EN DS (accurately ID19). Enthusiasm for both pretty much on an equal footing, despite the fact in which I won a brilliant success factor in addition to the latter warm feeling factor. Like many car shows, Hampton has been divided into decades – everything by the 1930s onwards were well represented

to apologize for choosing the pictures above. I did my best, however I do not fish. Hopefully, they give the flavor of the event. As usual, I met people who own a car similar to the ones in which you view in addition to / or knows more than me to mention your vehicle. The depth in addition to passion of car enthusiasts never ceases to amaze me. Similarly, hard work in addition to enthusiasm of the organizers of such events, in addition to the passion in which motivates them on. Owning these cars is usually often a labor of love, however there was not anyone out there who was not proud of what they have in addition to who was not willing to share the item with one in addition to all.

in all, the item was a wonderful day another, just as each car shows up in addition to down the country This kind of summer will be. Car culture may change, however not death.

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Source: Car culture is usually dying? Not on This kind of evidence

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