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Photograph by Gary Stephen Shaw.

Photograph by Gary Stephen Shaw.

We were going to go a little bit left-field which year although after flicking through page after page of car magazines, articles along with also online images, we came back to which – the Volvo XC90. The SUV has been on the map as just about the most common Centeng shape of a vehicle which you can buy, so which seems fitting which the latest effort by the auto Articles Car of the Year Award 2015.

We’ve written about which car more than once already throughout the year along with also so regular readers probably aren’t all which surprised which which’s taken the top spot. For others who don’t know much about which simply stunning vehicle, here’s a little bit of information. The previous Volvo XC90 was on sale for 12 years. Few cars survive one particular iteration for so long, which is usually a great testament to build quality, desirability along with also strong residual values. However, times moved on along with also Volvo, with much fanfare, brought the fresh type to the stage in 2015.

the auto is usually built on a whole fresh platform which features scalable architecture. various other Volvos will therefore benefit by the same base substructure. which is usually a Great thing as the Volvo XC90 is usually immensely safe. which is usually in line with the company project of Vision 2020, the aim of which is usually to ensure which there are no deaths or serious injuries in a Volvo by the stated year. Not only is usually which big SUV incredibly well built although safety features are in abundance. Auto-brakes, queue assist, self parking, lane departure along with also many various other fresh pieces of tech will keep you by harm.

Whichever engine is usually your choice, the Volvo XC90 will have power enough for all the weight (which is usually by the way a few hundred pounds lighter than the previous car). There are several flavours on offer although they come with by around 0 BHP all the way up to around 400 BHP for the hybrid. Economy won’t blow you away although which is usually very respectable for a car of which size.

Cabin quality, materials along with also overall build is usually of a very Great standard. which may not quite be a Rolls Royce although which is usually up there with just about every various other any going for the luxury angle. Seven usable seats just add to the sense of being able to manage anything, as does the go-anywhere ability of the four wheel drive system. A fake which car isn’t.

We at Car Articles are absolutely sure which the 2015 Volvo XC90 will be just as highly sought after as the previous generation car. Whether which is usually used to ferry around little George along with also Tamara or indeed to take a diplomat to their embassy, neither driver (or the passengers for which matter) will be disappointed. Whilst the cost tag is usually not to be sniffed at – the auto starts at around £46,000 – we’re absolutely sure which which is usually a motor which’s worth the money. We at Car Articles could very rarely state which along with also which shows how impressed we are with which car.

Volvo – we salute you. The Volvo XC90 is usually more than worthy to take the Car Articles Car Of The Year 2015 Award.

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Source: Car Articles Car Of The Year 2015

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