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Top 10 Most Reliable Car Brands
dinars force just released its annual vehicle dependability study (VDS). This kind of report gives a closely monitored by the auto industry in addition to consumers a not bad idea of ​​how successful the industry when the item comes to quality.

JD Power 2015 VDS Rankings VDS focuses on the reliability of the through long-term monitoring of defects, crashes in addition to issues related to the design with the old car for a period of three years the item is usually still driven by its original owners. in addition to record reliability problems per 100 vehicles. In some other words, have a look at the most reliable car brands.
last installment of This kind of study covers issues with the cars in addition to trucks via the 2012 design year the item’s completely compatible with the initial quality of the company, which monitors reported problems during the first three months of Property.
for 2015 people within the Bauer has published many interesting results. Not surprisingly, the most vulnerable areas are linked to the problem of vehicles today to Bluetooth connectivity in addition to voice recognition. Foreign concerns have also emerged as did powertrain issues, namely the quality of the transmission shift mechanism. 177 specific problems are public control in This kind of report.
So, how do car companies in general? Well, here are the 10 automakers top ranking within the 2015 JD Power vehicle dependability study on the basis of how they fared over the three-year period.

(10). Chevrolet

doing the item within the top 10 is usually Chevrolet in addition to ended trademark bow tie that has a score of 123 problems per 100 vehicles (connect with GMC), quite a bit better than the industry average of 147. Remember, less is usually better, just like LDL cholesterol. Camaro, Malibu in addition to Silverado won nameplates every award in their categories.

9. descendant

may be a youth-oriented descendant brand for Toyota in a recession via the point of view of sales, however in quality places to go section. increased to 121 problems per 100 vehicles, down 13 compared with last year’s VDS. Mitsubishi in addition to Ram posted similar improvements, even though they did not quite crack the top 10. Carbon Scion, won extrabudgetary in addition to achievement of each Prize resources.

(8). Mercedes-Benz

means Luxury complexity, which often translates into a fierce in addition to additional maintenance costs. however the people in Stuttgart have discovered how to avoid having issues with cars in addition to trucks loaded with their advantage. Mercedes-Benz drove away the outcome only 119 problems per 100 vehicles. The E-Class cars of the highest ranked mid-size premium topping Lincoln MKS in addition to Infiniti m. GLK also won the grand prize among the compact SUV premium.

(7). Lincoln

talk about the division of semi-luxury Ford, Lincoln topped Mercedes, one point behind, ending the outcome 118. Although she did not win any specific awards MKS, in addition to sedans MKZ superb performance.

(6). Porsche

in addition to arguably Porsch e is usually the builder of the essence of the authentic sports car. Zovnhosn knows a thing or two about put a smile on the faces of the drivers, I’ve been doing the item for decades. According to Bauer They are also the heroes of Sound Engineering, posting a score of only 116 problems per 100 vehicles. You also need else reason to buy 911.

(5). Honda

Honda linked to Porsche by posting a score of 116. ridgeline her boxy little medium-sized highest credit rating while also civil action Saleh in addition to very well. Capital H includes a reputation for quality, in addition to they convince constantly day after day, year after year.

(4). Cadillac

run, caddy! Topped luxury brand General Motors likes of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Honda in addition to even with only 114 problems per 100 vehicles, the degree to which she returned on 19,459,039 Garland less Top brand in fourth place. doing This kind of performance even more impressive is usually in which none of its types won a certain prize, in addition to in which means the whole squad should be very not bad performance.

(3). Toyota

Toyota is usually always a surefire bet when the item comes to quality in addition to 2015 is usually no exception. This kind of brand finished prevailing within the place No. 3 is usually excellent with only 111 problems per 100 vehicles. In addition, the Corolla compact car in addition to Sienna minivan won their respective categories, in addition to the item was a lot of some other sectors Toyota types on the podium.

(2). Buick

This kind of is usually not Buick! Well, in fact, the item is usually. Performance brand tri-shield impressively, came in second place with 110. This kind of is usually the three functions better than the item was last year. This kind of underlines the performance, the item was lacrosse Top rated large car, beating the Toyota Avalon in addition to Ford Taurus, which ended in second in addition to third respectively.

(1). Lexus

Lexus topped all challengers that has a jaw-dropping just 89 problems per 100 vehicles. This kind of industry-leading performance, however what do you expect via the luxury division of Toyota? the item was surpassed at the highest classification of compact luxury car while GX No. 1 was a mid-size premium SUV. the item was CT in addition to RX both strong competitor as well. This kind of is usually the fourth consecutive year Lexus was the best within the study of the reliability of the vehicle JD Power.

Source: Car Advice: Top 10 Most Reliable Car Brands

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