Car Advice: Should You Buy a fresh or Used Car – Advantages &Disadvantages Outlined

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Source : Car Advice: Should You Buy a fresh or Used Car – Advantages &Disadvantages Outlined


buying a car can be a big decision within the life of everyone as the idea can be one of the most expensive investments cost. You have to look at different points in addition to also do some research before you can reach the conclusion. The largest in that will regard, the question can be whether to buy a fresh or used car ?

Today, we’re going to make your decision doing easier by identifies all the advantages in addition to also disadvantages of the great on both fresh in addition to also used cars. Found below!

fresh car


  • Quick largest
when you buy a fresh car you have a lot of freedom to choose between different Inside colors in addition to also choices, technological equipment, in addition to also so you can get a replacement of equipment in addition to also furnishings shift, sound systems in addition to also upgrade almost any thing please. In fact, you can request a special order with specifications that will meet specific demands. that will freedom can be not available with used cars.
  • low maintenance costs
fresh car needs maintenance rarely for the first several thousand miles away, except for a routine oil change in addition to also tune-ups. Do not face the problems that will are also repeated with used cars, such as car tires, dead batteries in addition to also worn out exhaust systems.
  • Security in addition to also Car Hire Deals
All fresh cars contain a the’s warranty, which usually take about three years. Many agents in Nigeria provides up to 3-year warranty. that will means that will you will not spend anything for all these years on the emerging issues within the auto. the idea will be fixed by the dealer for free.
  • until the date of
with technology advancing rapidly, every fresh style brings with the idea something unusual in addition to also advanced. in addition to also buying a fresh car means you have access to the latest technology tools with up to date features.


  • expensive
fresh expensive cars, not within the reach of many. You can get your vehicle to the desired amount can be much less if you buy a used car. There are also many types of fees in addition to also taxes to deal with the fresh cars.
  • consumption
consumption can be a headache having a fresh car because the moment you drive the idea out of the showroom, in addition to also the vehicle starts to lose value .



  • cost
the idea can be mostly the cost factor that will drives people to go for used cars, because they are much less expensive. You can get a Great used car for the lowest prices in addition to also save yourself the wads of money.
  • better reliability
In many cases, old cars turn out to be more reliable than newer ones because they may the idea has been tested on a large scale, in addition to also you have ample information by these designs on the internet. On the contrary, the purchase of the latest car can be risky bit, because the idea can be still within the testing phase, in addition to also the idea takes a long time for problems to appear. We hear news every day about the manufacturers recover millions of cars to fix the issues. General Motors in addition to also Volkswagen are the latest examples.
  • consumption
are not affected by used car to a large extent on consumption as they are fresh; in fact, they barely lose value If you maintain them well. On the different hand, the fresh car cuts very quickly, in addition to also some cars lose up to 40 percent of their value within the first year alone. As long as you handle the auto well, in addition to also consumption you do not have a headache.


  • safety
old cars do not contain the latest safety features. the idea can be very unlikely to find curtain airbags, electronic stability control, restricting the child’s seat, in addition to also the different on the old car, which means compromising safety. However, newer used cars come with all the standard safety features, although that will comes having a cost.
  • maintenance
used car can be many issues that will appear by time to time, often without warning. You have to be ready at all times to the costs of heavy maintenance.
desire that will that will text has helped you make up your mind whether to buy a fresh or used car?

Source: Car Advice: Should You Buy a fresh or Used Car – Advantages &Disadvantages Outlined

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