Californian regulators reject Volkswagen diesel recall plan

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Source : Californian regulators reject Volkswagen diesel recall plan

Volkswagen Toureg Dieselgate reform of the 3.0-liter engine in addition to said of which “not enough”


Air Resources Board of California (CARB) has rejected Volkswagen repair ‘s proposed emissions diesel engine 3.0-liter fitted to the vehicles of the Volkswagen, Audi ‘ s in addition to Porsche image.

The Council claimed of which the plans submitted by the three companies were “incomplete in addition to deficient in many areas,” in addition to of which the ongoing technical discussions will need to be had before agreement can be reached.

has responded

Volkswagen from the official statement, saying: “We understand of which today’s announcement of Karp can be a procedural step under California law in addition to respect mention plans for the vehicles with V6 3.0 liter engines TDI presented previously


types affected by the decision are those which use generation Volkswagen 2.1″ in addition to “2.2” units diesel V6, such as Volkswagen Touareg (pictured above), Porsche Cayenne in addition to Audi A8 was built between 2009 in addition to 2016.

An estimated 85,000 vehicle these engines are used throughout the United States, which has a large proportion of residents from the state of California.

Volkswagen had said earlier of which the “select” All these cars will not be complicated, however This kind of latest development may lead some to suggest of which the auto industry may be forced to buy back all the cars if no agreement can be reached.

from the last month agreed Volkswagen to spend more than $ 1000000000 (about £ 757 million) to address the issues created by its emissions fraud software. He said Karp includes money coming from the $ 380 million for projects to promote the use of cleaner heavy-duty vehicles, in addition to £ 800 million to invest in emission-free programs in California.


car maker also settlement worth more than 15 billion $ (approximately £ 11.33 billion) with US regulators to settle emissions issues with the diesel 2.0-liter types , including the provision to buy back the abuse cars.

maintained of which the Volkswagen European customers will be affected dieselgate do not receive any compensation or buyback plans because of which has an agreement was reached with the European regulators.

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Source: Californian regulators reject Volkswagen diesel recall plan

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