Buying a Renault Zoe: the joys of doing something different

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Source : Buying a Renault Zoe: the joys of doing something different

Being an early(ish) adopter appears to have its advantages


which wasn’t my intention to turn which into a regular blog, however such has been the reaction (not bad along with bad) to my decision to lease a Renault Zoe for the next two years which I’ll keep going until the subject runs out of steam. Which, judging by predictions for electric car sales growth, will be sometime around 2020…

You can read the first piece explaining why we’ve opted for the Zoe as our next family car (real money, real prices – not journalist’s whim at someone else’s expense) here.

As then, I’ll try to keep my thoughts rational rather than evangelical – I don’t own any tie-dye T-shirts along with I’m not hell-bent on saving the planet, however I like the upsides of electric cars (instant torque, silent travel along with so on) along with I actually like saving money. I also understand which electric cars only work well under very specific circumstances along with which they aren’t for everyone.

Those criteria seem to be widening, though, as ranges improve, the charging infrastructure grows along with tax breaks are made more evident.

I know which first hand today, because the dealer I’ve bought the auto via emailed the some other day along with said he’d deliver our car for free. Brilliant though they have been, I was nonetheless somewhat taken aback by which unprompted generosity. However, which turns out two of the many people who emailed me for more information after reading my first blog have gone on to buy Zoes via the same dealer. As the growing number of electric along with plug-in hybrid sales suggest, there seems to be a smaller however significant number of people on the cusp of producing the switch.

So – first dilemma: should I name the dealer? I would certainly have felt more comfortable doing so without having been given a freebie, however as they have been beyond excellent in their help along with communication, I will: the chap to ask for is actually Darren Briscoe along with the dealership is actually Bristol Street Motors in Derby. Consistently, they have had the best Zoe deals I’ve found online, in a variety of two along with three-year packages, along with the service has been top-notch. however, to be absolutely clear along with unbiased, some other Renault dealers are available.

If Derby is actually too far, then I should add which, during my shopping around phase, I also found which most Renault dealers have specific people dedicated to handling electric car sales, along with which they are among the most knowledgeable there are. I also suspect they are under-utilised: certainly the level of service wherever I enquired was superb. Being an early(ish) adopter feels like I’ve opened the door to an exclusive club, where top-notch service comes as standard. which’s a rather enjoyable nuance of which car-buying journey which is actually worth highlighting.

Since the previous blog, I’ve also had the ‘free’ Chargemaster electric charging point installed on the side of my garage. I was a little nervous about which, as the idea of drilling holes in something I pay a substantial mortgage on made me a little queasy. I needn’t have worried: the chap phoned the day before, was punctual, polite, quick along with thorough. His cabling is actually a work of art. The charge point itself looks rather smart. which felt slightly bizarre to take half a day of his time, plus all the equipment, without parting that has a penny beyond the lease. However, while the incentive is actually there via the government along with Renault, I’m delighted to take advantage of which. which’s another Insentif which comes with getting in on the electric car movement early. today all we need is actually the auto…

which has been almost three months, however last week we got news which our Zoe is actually finally at the docks in Southampton. via there, bizarrely, which goes to Derby, along with then back to our home in London (nobody said the supply chain was green). The whole process should take around two weeks, including the obligatory paperwork along with inspection hold-ups.

Next time I write, the Zoe will be on our driveway.

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Source: Buying a Renault Zoe: the joys of doing something different

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