Bullet-proof Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard revealed

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Source : Bullet-proof Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard revealed

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard not even rocket-propelled grenades can penetrate thanks to foreign S600 Guard for ballistic proof shield


Mercedes announced fresh -Maybach S600 Guard, the first car to be certified according to the highest ballistic protection level (VR10) civilian cars.

inspection by the Federal German Office of Criminal Investigations, issued the S600 Guard VR10 level of protection as well as ERV classification in 2010 (explosive-resistant vehicles), proving that will the bodywork of the style as well as windows can withstand bullets as well as rocket-propelled grenades.

more upgrades than in ‘normal’ as well as include siblings repositioned rear seats – the passenger sits back from the vehicle – in addition to a range of enhanced safety as well as techniques to ensure that will the vehicle still paid after the attack. as well as the item consists of the vehicle consists of a special steel structure, which is usually integrated between the structure of the outer skin. As polyurethane coating was applied to the inside of the windows to protect against splinter.

Michelin tires featuring stainless steel rings to make sure they do not take off from the event of a flat. This specific follow-up from the standby function technology of the apartment does not mean even shredded tire can stop the getaway.

not armored fuel tank, however was coated textured especially that will any gaps will close automatically if the hit. The same material is usually used from the Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, tanks. Meanwhile, support for parts such as routers as well as hubs as well as enhanced everything.

built from the Mercedes Sindelfingen plant, the item is usually powered by a Mercedes Maybach Guard by the same twin-turbo 6.0-liter 523bhp V12 engine, such as a regular S600, with 612lb ft of torque spin on the show.

include fresh air system Options £ 7268, which is usually under injection Inside with fresh air to escape by possible gas attack boot floor, while the weapon is usually safe as well as can also be added to the boot at a cost of £ 1863.

will be the Mercedes Maybach S600 pricing of the fresh guard of £ 438.000, joins G500 guard, as well as GLE guard as well as Class S guard in armored vehicles maker line-up. Not everyone will be able to buy one for Mercedes buyers will check the pre-production to restrict access to criminals.

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Source: Bullet-proof Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard revealed

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