BTCC Snetterton: 50 years of BMW saloon car racing

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BMW's 50 years of BTCC from the BMW from the centenary year, the company is usually on the cusp of victory in her 100th BTCC. We take a look back through the history before BTCC race This particular weekend


BMW ‘s centenary is usually not only a nice round number associated with the brand This particular year.

closer to home, This particular’s 50 years since the company raced for initially from the British Championship Auto Salon – the forerunner to the British Touring Car Championship class races in which the German auto industry on the cusp of victory from the 100th

How convenient, then, which we find ourselves at Silverstone to learn more about some of the past as well as current racing machines BMW, as well as some of them you can see This particular weekend at Silverstone meeting a classic as well as in particular on the tin top Sunday under today the title of a tour in a private car

was the motive behind the BMW 3.0 CSL “[Batmobile”madeBMWfamoushereinthe1970sbutthefirstcompetitortouringcarcomingtotheUKfromMunichtransparencyinternationalin2000whicharrivedin1966andKeithGreeneintheBritishchampionshipinaciviliancar

TI in 2000 soon gave way to the known .2002 investor, which you can see from the picture here.

Mike NormanSmith of one2one Motorsport currently specializes in restored. “More as well as more people want to restore as well as race them,” he says. “The balance of them is usually incredible, super tiny car. Not much to live with them.”

there is usually not an investor in 2002 by Transparency International in 2000 was ever winner of a race from the British championship in a civilian car. According to This particular first win in 1973, when he took Brian “Yogi” Muir checkered flag at Silverstone from the 3.0 CSL, a car the young Steve Soper, as well as arguably the most famous driver of a tour of the BMW car, as well as watch as a boy remembers.

[19459004was] BMW wait until 1988 for the first victory of the tournament, which came with Frank SYTNER in M3 . however the caste system, which ran from the British championship in a civilian car as well as then BTCC (as This particular became in 1987) often precludes the overall Ofer fortunate candidates via taking the title. So This particular was sounding], surprisingly, never BTCC champion.

“They were fantastic the to pay for” Cyber ​​remembers his career, which lasted 11 years from the BMW, which raced in tournaments all over the globe, including at Le Mans. “They demanded a lot via you, however they make you feel appreciated. If you crashed, I did not care, as long as I won a couple of races. They always produce great cars no matter what.”

as well as M3 is usually a car fondly remember, winning the BTCC again in 1991, This particular time with Will Hoy. Here is usually an example of your vehicle in 1990, Prodrive prepared as well as raced at a time when competition the both healthy as well as expensive.

There was a murmur among the privateers to race M3, was like his greatness. Nick Whale raced one at a time as well as recently hunted down his M3 of time, as well as which was restored.

“This particular was your vehicle to have,” he says. “This particular was a special homogeneity with everything optimized for racing: wheels as well as dimensional base, brakes, ride height. The cars M hand built by BMW Motorsport at the time. They were reliable as well as bullets.”

reliable as well as bullets even got drivers involved, which is usually. In 1992, Cyber ​​participated in one of the most famous in history BTCC accidents when clashed with John Cleland at Silverstone. If you have not seen This particular, look for This particular on YouTube currently …

“This particular was bad news at the time,” says Soper. “however, Great or bad, This particular has gone from the history books.”

The following year, BMW threw everything from the BTCC after a dispute with the original DTM car racing series in Germany, lined Cyber ​​even side by side with the German Jo Winkelhock.

“was seen on my championship,” says Soper. “however he beat me fair as well as square. He was confused team. The German team as well as the, however in Britain using a British driver. I wanted an advantage, however you do not have one. however still the BMW won anyway …”

This particular was the title BMW last of the era of super tour. He pulled the company via the BTCC at the end of 1996, however a decade or so later (3) series as well as then (1) series versions were again regular features for networks BTCC. Colin Turkington won titles in 2009 as well as 2014.

from the picture below is usually 2016 BMW 125i M Sport of Rob Collard, who raced BMW cars since 2008. What do you see as the lasting appeal of BMW from the BTCC? Smiling: “I love racing cars BMW because they rearwheel campaign. They give you feedback, as well as the rider. After all, F1 as well as sports cars also rear wheel …”

BMW W. is usually currently just several wins away via a century from the BTCC, with 15 races to go This particular year. Few might bet against him hit the 100 mark from the year of the centenary, with BMW drivers cabbage as well as Sam Tordoff currently first as well as second from the standings going into the mid-season holiday. via here to the next 100.

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Source: BTCC Snetterton: 50 years of BMW saloon car racing

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