British car industry's 100 most influential women to be recognised

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Source : British car industry's 100 most influential women to be recognised

Autocar Great British women inside the vehicle industry summer awards recognize the importance of increasing the number of women inside the automotive industry


Autocar will reveal the auto industry 100 most British women impact on This kind of summer.

a panel of judges through Autocar along with the Association of Motor Manufacturers along with Traders (SMMT) will determine the winners in a series of categories, as well as one individual who will be named woman in Britain, the most influential inside the automotive industry.

This kind of announcement will be an essential part of This kind of event was created to encourage more women inside the automotive industry along with to address the challenges they face in each of the entry along with advancement.

will be announced

winners of the first Great Britain women’s event inside the automotive industry on July 8, 2016, where the follow-up debate panel will also discuss the challenges along with issues.

Autocar said the managing editor, Jim ,: holder “This kind of event has begun to stimulate debate about the attractiveness of the industry we love as a place to work for everyone. At present, the low representation of women inside the automotive industry, however that will is actually our belief that will a positive focus on the many opportunities that will a career inside the industry can offer can have a real impact in reversing This kind of trend.

“to, for example, only 9% of the workforce of Engineering inside the United Kingdom than females, the lowest in Europe, along with less 16% of engineering along with technology university students are women. In spite of This kind of, 64% of employers engineering work states that will the lack of fresh talent is actually a threat to their business, along with reports indicate that will there is actually a deficit of 55,000 fresh recruits each year if the engineering industry inside the UK to reach its potential. “


This kind of initiative by the Motor Manufacturers along with Traders Association (SMMT), Direct Line Group, Ford along with Jaguar Land Rover. Additional support comes through Gaia innovation

along with Autocar Great British women on the jury auto industry will be headed by brand manager cars media Group Haymarket Rachel Prasher

Panel – Jim holder, Steve Kroble, Rachel Burgess, Mel hawks, along with Vicky Parrott through the editorial department Autocar, in addition to Mike Hughes, chief executive SMMT’s along with director of communications along with international, Tamzen Isacsson – will choose the winners on the day of judgment on May 19

.. will determine the overall winner along with one, in addition to individuals who represent a range of categories – executive, design along with product development along with manufacturing / procurement, communications, sales along with marketing, motorsports, human resources along with rising stars


Mike Hughes: “the UK car in which about 800,000 people inside the United Kingdom works, along with with record exports along with production levels, an exciting industry to join. We are delighted to support This kind of fresh initiative Autocar to identify the most influential inside the automotive industry British women along with promoted as role products to inspire young people who are thinking about career prospects.

“The recent research has shown that will there are, at the moment, at least 5,000 vacancies inside the automotive industry inside the United Kingdom, stressing the urgent need to attract more young people inside the industry – especially women, who are today exceeded by men 3-1 inside the Gaza “

along with British women will be held inside the event of a large automotive industry inside the SMMT’s headquarters in London, along with will begin that has a keynote address delivered by Ford of Europe Vice President along with COO, Barb Samardzich. A discussion will follow the panel, chaired by the head of the Liberation Armed Forces along with Steve Kroble Autocar.

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Source: British car industry's 100 most influential women to be recognised

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