Britain’s diesel drivers ‘should pay up to £800 more in road tax’

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Source : Britain’s diesel drivers ‘should pay up to £800 more in road tax’

study shows that will a large number of diesel vehicles exceeding emissions limits; pressure to curb the environmental impact stimulates support the brand-new tax structure


first year rate of vehicle excise duty (VED) for should be raised by up to £ 800 to help within the reduction of emissions of brand-new diesel cars, according to the exchange rate policy.

as well as intellectual HM Treasury proposes to boost the first year VED for brand-new diesel rate to reflect caused the biggest air pollution, in an attempt to encourage people to buy less emission alternatives such as gasoline, hybrid as well as electric cars, instead. Based on the 50% reduction in diesel car sales, the increase in VED raise around £ 500 million a year in additional taxes.

study was launched in January as part of a response to the “dieselgate” the VW scandal, found that will a large number of diesel vehicles, breaking the official emission limits, despite the fact through the testing process.

British government to spend £ 650K to re-test vehicle emissions scandal

, said Richard Howard, head of environment as well as energy in exchange rate policy: “Contamination air dramatically diesel problem. has currently been eliminating diesel CO2 advantage with data of motor manufacturers as well as traders Association show that will in 2013, the emissions of CO2 coming from brand-new gasoline cars less than those of diesel cars (weighted sales basis).

“euro 5 diesel cars sold as recently as 2014 performance can be not better in terms of emissions of nitrogen oxides coming from the euro 1 diesel sold within the 1990s. Despite that will, the government policy to promote diesel vehicles. As a result, diesel cars has increased coming from 14% of your vehicle fleet in Britain in 2001, to 36% today. “

can be also a proposal clunkers scheme diesel to provide grants to drivers who trade in old diesel car or their car emissions for a car less.

gasoline as well as diesel cars that will by 2050

in 2010, the launch of the replacement of old cars-for-400 £ million, which involves the government giving £ grant in 1000 for his old car when the idea was traded in for a brand-new car, that has a car some sort of contribute also £ 1000. However, the idea can be proposed exchange policies full scholarship for older clunkers car diesel must come coming from automakers, “given that will the some sort of can be at fault for creating polluting diesel within the first place.”

head of AA roads as well as transport policy Paul Watters said: “We will not support an increase within the vid. Air overall pollution can be actually go down – yes, there are hot spots of about eight to 10 of the cities, nevertheless these cities are looking at measures to reduce the problem – the idea’s not just the contaminants vehicle

“We, however, full support for the system of diesel clunkers. to get rid of the old diesel, which can be way out of line with the current emission standards, can only be a positive thing. “

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Source: Britain’s diesel drivers ‘should pay up to £800 more in road tax’

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