Brit-stang Two: We Cruise with Aston CEO Andy Palmer in His 1980 V8 Vantage

Brit-stang Two: We Cruise with Aston CEO Andy Palmer in His 1980 V8 Vantage




things do not go as planned, the last time the Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer made one of his cars. This kind of was during his previous position as an officer in April a great design, when he personally imported Nismo GT-R from the UK. I arrived in time to participate from the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​Two years ago, Palmer generously allows professional cyclist, along with also wannabe racer car, Chris Hoy to take a turn in his pride along with also joy even notorious cycle Hill. In turn, the idea ended after 25 seconds when Hui left the road along with also embedded ultra-rare GT-R from the hay bales.

so we are happy along with also proud, humbled, along with also a little scared to provide a turning point in Palmer purchased a newly 1980 Aston Martin Vantage V8, especially as he had not had a chance to push yet since he arrived on the scene of the Heritage Aston division works in Newport Pagnell after heavy refurb who was accompanied by a huge bill on equal terms

senior automotive executives usually borrow the old designs of the museum companies when they want to take pictures with one. Not of which Palmer, who has invested a great deal of his own money in This kind of wonderful credit, British muscle car-of which the cost tag aside, bears resemblance to passers-second Mustang. He could not say exactly how much he paid “a lot, yet not much,” -olkn traction online than similar vehicles from the United Kingdom indicate of which they are today north of £ 0,000 ($ 290,000 at current exchange rates). After Palmer insists of which he had bought the Aston even without becoming a coach for the company.


“I can not afford DB5 or DB6, even if I wanted one,” he says, “when I returned to the United Kingdom My plan was to get something nice. was always credited with of which list, very close to the highest in reality. This kind of is actually the automobile I lusted after when I was a teenager. I was actually looking to ’79, along with also of which was the year I commenced working. yet in 1980, close enough. of which was the year I got my license. ”

minimum age for driving from the UK is actually 17, giving a tacit confirmation of which Palmer began his journey to the top at the very bottom. Began as an intern for the manufacturers of brake AP, along with also move by there to Austin Rover, along with also then to April, rising to be the President of the European technical center is actually inclined April Great only seven of Newport Pagnell-at the age of 38 years, along with also earning two degrees engineering along the way. Jump to Japan lit a rocket under his career, first as head of the commercial vehicle arm of April, along with also then eventually as CEO in April of planning along with also head of Infiniti. In 2014 gave up everything along with also run the British sports car maker comes of which despite the fame all over the entire world, made fewer cars number in its history, which has built 103 of his former employer in a few days.

“I actually enjoy what I was doing in April,” he says, “I love cars, along with also I had a big budget, I can make 10 brand new cars a year,” he says, “yet I was kidding myself of which I have achieved my dreams . when Aston came knocking woke me-call the idea a midlife crisis or the fact of which the check I thought I was going to live out what I set my goal to be. “


bringing us back to the Vantage V8, along with also another by Palmer dreams come true. Often the idea described as the first British super along with also gave elegant proof of which Aston was able to keep pace having a large increase from the output of power of which occurred from the second half of the 1970s, while still a kind of expresses the gentleman of which made the company famous. Introduced in 1977, the credit, which was based on the existing V8 Saloon (Aston refused to use the vulgar term “Coupe”) – the idea was 375 horsepower thanks to a modified type of the company’s 5.3-liter V-8. along with also a contemporary Porsche 911 Turbo only just 300. Like all the engines Aston This kind of was the hand-made along with also we said of which the man who built the idea, according to the panel still holds Terry DURSTON, is actually still alive. Palmer plans to meet up

along with also later was promoted This kind of chapter subsequent specification “X- package”, strengthening the power to the claimed 403 horsepower, along with also also the coloring may change at some point; brown was when I left originally Newport Pagnell yet was repainted in This kind of shade equally suitable period of green. In every some other respect, he feels the brand new plant, its originality demonstrated through the leather-bound folder proving of which he scored the highest score in Providence secured program recently launched Aston. There’s even a radio cassette deck from the bottom of the dashboard where the spread button. Palmer ask if he was planning to replace This kind of with something more modern.

“Of course not,” he says, apparently shocked at the very suggestion, “I still have my tapes. I’m going to listen to The Stranglers on the idea.”


Palmer seems to sit still significantly from the passenger seat of his brand new pack of six sports figure on what he tells us is actually First time. Vantage feels strikingly modern, along with also does not need to make excuses for the idea. There is actually no low frequency down, although breathing through four organizations of which sit in VEE soaked from the heat of the engine. There juncture speed manual transmission, which served Palmer admits the source of partial inspiration for the decision to make a similar pattern shift for a box newly launched Vantage S V12 guide , along with also the idea conveys a clean along with also accurately; although the heavy clutch the idea’s easy to modulate. Power steering feels very Great, having a much greater weight of help light the finger, which was common from the ’70s.

credited happy to keep up with traffic while being taken to a little more than a low-end torque exceptional engine, yet This kind of is actually clearly not enough for Palmer, who admonishes us to push even harder. along with also quickly becomes apparent of which the engine is actually keen on an equal footing to improve the speed, along with also the course in 4000 minute she quickly began to feel in 2016, with two some other big yet to come. In 1977 the idea must have been like the universe hyperdrive lack of clarity in a big movie hit in of which year, Star Wars . Palmer admits of which he has avoided getting caught by one of the robot armies from the United Kingdom of speed cameras first time I drove the automobile

As for the provision of day Aston, things are evolving rapidly. along with also the brand new DB11 is actually the first in a series of brand new cars, along with also one which will see the entire style lineup renovated from the next three years. Replacement of current credit will follow from the next year, using a twin-turbo AMG V-8 of which Aston licensed by Mercedes-AMG. After swapping places to put Palmer at ease by letting him driving his own car, the idea’s time to ask the question: Are you famous name live on

“are not taken of which decision yet,” says Palmer, deadpan, “yet we will be mad to stay away heritage such as This kind of, is actually not the idea? ”


Brit-stang Two: We Cruise with Aston CEO Andy Palmer in His 1980 V8 Vantage

Source: Brit-stang Two: We Cruise with Aston CEO Andy Palmer in His 1980 V8 Vantage

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