Bristol Bullet: first pictures ahead of official unveiling

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Source : Bristol Bullet: first pictures ahead of official unveiling

Credit: Kyle Fortune


Credit: Kyle Fortune

product for the brand-new Bristol, bullet, has been arrested inside the work before the beginning of next week. The 4.8-liter BMW V8 engine

has been spotted bullet Bristol in full production form prior to public disclosure later that will month.

was the name of a bullet for the production type of the concept car project Pinnacle revealed last week, along using a brand-new image featuring the words’ Bristol Motor reborn in July 2016 “reveal the date of July 26.] 19,459,007]

in addition to came after the concept of Pinnacle project make an appearance in a camouflaged form in that will year Goodwood Festival of speed .

we were yet to be given exactly the auto specifications, nevertheless we know the idea will be naturally aspirated 4.8 l BMW V8 engine in addition to its structure will be made of lightweight composite carbon material fibers. that will will be instead of aluminum, which has been used on previous Bristols.

has been developed Pinnacle project inside the anniversary celebration Bristol 70 as a maker of a car in 2015, in addition to the first car supplier received a since sports cars fighter, who was on sale through 2004 to 2011.

Although when the idea was announced Pinnacle project first there was talk about being mixed, Bristol has chosen to employ V8. you say that will because that will type of engine has become synonymous with cars over the past 50 years

use the British launch of that will engine, revived the historic partnership with BMW W; the first car to Bristol, 1947 400, was based on the BMW 326, in addition to was the BMW 328’s engine.

limber in addition to Pinnacle project suites in addition to eating cowl-like old Bristol products, while the “channel aero” grille will be taken through the company’s aircraft engine Bristol. the auto looks with input through the house of Italian design has been developed as yet in addition to did not disclose his name. Bristol previously worked with the likes of Zagato in addition to Bertone.


Bristol, the concept of Goodwood affect the bullet, which will be likely to make the production sometime inside the first quarter of 2017. Time

The 2017 will be said car production last Bristol to be to be natural that will aspirated V8 engine.

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Source: Bristol Bullet: first pictures ahead of official unveiling

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