Brief Ferrari 288 GTO (1985) Review

Friday, February 5th, 2016 - Ferrari

Italian Vehicle means Ferrari. Yes, Ferrari is being one of the top vehicle industries which produce about the racing and sport vehicles. Here, we are going to talk about Ferrari 288 GTO (1985) review in a brief discussion. Made in year 1985, this is being a Ferrari car with model of 288 that was priced at $900,000. This is being an expensive car for that time. Seeing the appearance, this has a sport design which is good with the front line that can be opened when we need it. This is just like the iconic sport car at that time.


Ferrari 288GTO 08

Ferrari 288 GTO under the Hood

Speaking about the specification and performance, this Ferrari 288 GTO (1985) review brings people about the information that this GTO has this engine that is V8 engine. This engine has the performance in producing 395 hp at 7000 rpm. More, this engine also produces 366 lb/ft of torque at 3800 rpm. Using Weber-Mareli fuel injection, this GTO has the displacement in 2.8 L. using this engine inside; this GTO has the ability to reach the speed of 60 mph in taking time only 4.8 seconds. This has also the top speed at 189 mph which is great for a sport car.

Ferrari 288GTO 06

Ferrari 288 GTO Design

For this Ferrari 288 GTO (1985) review about the design, this GTO has the wheelbase in 96 inches, length in 169 inches, width in 75 inches and also the height in 44 inches. Seeing the exterior, we can see that this is like the iconic sport car at the time. This seems like the car which is used by the superheroes in comic like Kamen rider and the others. Overall, this GTO is a great product of Ferrari for 1985 but if we compare this with new modern car, thanks to GTO 288 that shows more about the development for today.


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