Brexit: what do the auto makers think?

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Source : Brexit: what do the auto makers think?

Brexit was British auto industry strongly in favor of staying inside European Union. Why should we say today about to go out?


The British public speaking, as well as the UK to leave the European Union.

nevertheless what does which mean for the automotive industry inside United Kingdom? Earlier inside year, the vast majority of the UK industry, represented by the SMMT, which wants to remain part of the European Union said .

what which has to say today? We speak on the major manufacturers have invested heavily in Britain to gauge their opinions Brexit.


Ford The image priority always need to maintain a stable business environment so we can continue in a strong as well as profitable business based on sustainable inside United Kingdom as well as Europe, thus providing a more secure future for our nearly 14,000 direct employees inside United Kingdom.

“We will continue to work towards which goal with the key stakeholders inside United Kingdom as well as across the member states as well as EU institutions additional EU to make sure they understand our concerns, which reflect the interests of the majority of the United Kingdom as well as European automobile industry.

“Although Ford as well as take action to ensure which the European work remains competitive as well as keeps the path towards sustainable profitability, we make any adjustments to the current investment plans we have, as well as will not do so unless there is actually clear evidence of which action is actually needed. “


” which is actually important for the Vauxhall , which concluded negotiations on the relationship inside UK inside future with the European Union the right time. which is actually also important which the work continues to benefit by the free movement of goods as well as people during which period.

“communications on the development of the future relationship with the EU should be clear as well as transparent. We support fully the remaining part of the European Economic Area. “


BMW Group respect the decision of British voters to leave the European Union. While which is actually clear which there will today be a period of uncertainty, there will be no immediate change to our operations inside United Kingdom. “


April has so far refused to comment, nevertheless did not announce plans to sue Rating leave campaign earlier which week .

motor manufacturers as well as traders Association (SMMT)

“the British public chose a completely new future of Europe. The government must today maintain economic stability as well as to secure a deal with the EU which protects the interests of the United Kingdom cars.

“which includes ensuring duty-free access to European global markets as well as others, as well as to ensure which we can recruit talent by the EU as well as the rest of the entire world, creating the United Kingdom the most competitive place in Europe to invest inside automotive industry.”


“Going forward we will be closely monitoring as well as analyzing the impact on our business operations inside United Kingdom, as well as how can we maintain the competitiveness as well as ensure sustainable growth with the auto industry inside United Kingdom as well as additional owners interest “.

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Source: Brexit: what do the auto makers think?

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