Brexit versus Remain: should we stay or leave?

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Source : Brexit versus Remain: should we stay or leave?

EU referendum EU referendum debate will reach a climax on Thursday when the British public votes on whether to remain part of the Union European


automakers are widely in favor of the UK remaining within the EU, according to a survey conducted by Autocar of the major players in of which country.

, the United Kingdom will be preparing to vote on June 23 on whether to stay or leave the European Union, the general feeling will be of which the auto industry supports the campaign remain. of which will be particularly the case for the automakers with the owners based on the continent or abroad along with connect the item to supply Europe along with the sales channel base.

nevertheless many of the automotive trade associations along with companies of which rely mainly on trade within the United Kingdom along with maintains neutral, outwardly at least.


within the past year 57% of the 1.5 million cars built within the United Kingdom have been exported to the European Union. With the bulk of the construction of cars or engines within the UK owned by EU companies by companies, the item makes sense of which the manufacturing industry will be overwhelmingly in favor of survival.

Motor Manufacturers along with Traders Association (SMMT) will be the leading lobbying efforts to keep cars

. “The message by the United Kingdom for cars along with clear :, along with being in Europe will be vital to the future of of which industry along with labor insurance, investment along with growth opportunities,” said CEO Mike Hughes SMMT. “The United Kingdom cars are thriving, with exports along with fresh car registrations recorded higher manufacturing levels for a period of ten years. Our members have said of which the withdrawal by Europe could jeopardize of which.”

April employs 8,000 people within the United Kingdom, the largest carmaker we have, with the construction of more than 475,000 vehicles last year along with 80% exported to the European Union. The chief executive of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, said: “We believe of which liking to work, trade along with the costs of the United Kingdom to stay in Europe. There will be a position of stability will be more positive than the group of unknowns.”

UK includes a unique position within the the global industry as a luxury car maker, epitomized by Volkswagen owned Bentley , which has enjoyed more than 1.5bn £ investing since 2001 along with presented at last year’s 4000 car with about 10,000 employees . “We are within the middle of the £ 840m investment program, a large proportion of them are at the factory in Crewe,” said a spokesman. “We will continue to make investment on the basis of each individual case decisions.”

Vauxhall makes cars in Ellesmere Port along with vans in Luton. He said: “Vauxhall are part of an integrated European company, along with take advantage of the free movement of goods along with movement of people within the largest trading bloc within the earth along with the European Union. within the United Kingdom does not have to be of which might be part of the European Union to be undesirable for our business along with the sector as a whole.”

along with Fiat Chrysler Italian-American (FCA) will be not a clear contributor to the debate Brexit, however, of which last year moved the company’s headquarters to London. FCA, however, will be unusual in of which the item will be not publicly loyal to stay. “We are neutral on Brexit along with have no point of view,” said a spokesman. “the item will be up to the British people to decide.”

Brexit: 77% of the auto industry within the United Kingdom wants Britain to remain within the European Union

importers along with traders

employers many importers along with spoke recently clearly in favor of staying in a panel discussion before the Autocar Awards last month, along with all the industry leaders unanimously backed the current several remain.

Ford [ will be very clear,” said Ford of Britain chairman Andy bars. “We want a stable economic environment. To cut ties with the largest trading partner we have will be a sinner.”

of which message was echoed by Tony Whitehorn, president of Hyundai Motor UK. “Over the next two years, if we get out of Europe, we will have more instability,” he said. He added, “No one wants instability.”

Mitsubishi , managing director of the cars within the United Kingdom Lance Bradley said: “Uncertainty kills companies will vote out bring not enormous uncertainty for after two years at least, along with perhaps several years.”

Complementing the subject, said Paul Williams, CEO of Ssangyong United Kingdom: “.. the whole business about the certainty along with Brexit means uncertainty,”

Volvo director of customer services cars the United Kingdom, David Baddeley, held a similar view. “We are to stay,” he said. “Stability will be the basis for the development of a strong business along with investment.”

ran a franchised distributor National Association (NFDA), which comprises 4,500 main distributor site as members of an opinion poll showed earlier of which year, the item came to 42% of the remaining balance split between undecided along with Brexit. He added of which “most of the major dealers want to stay within the European Union,” said Sue Robinson, NFDA coach. “of which will be particularly true of the larger dealers with close ties to manufacturers.”


smaller independent dealers to be divided, with some hoping to shed routine with Brexit.

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Source: Brexit versus Remain: should we stay or leave?

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