Brexit: 77% of UK motor industry wants Britain to remain in EU

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Source : Brexit: 77% of UK motor industry wants Britain to remain in EU

Jaguar F-Type British more than three-quarters of the members of the Manufacturers Association as well as the Automobile Dealers said in which if a referendum on membership European Union tomorrow, the “stay” the result will be better for their business


more than three-quarters of the British car industry believes in which leaving the EU to be harmful to the business, has found a brand new study.

at a press conference today, the auto industry from the United Kingdom, as well as is usually represented by members of the SMMT, This kind of announced the results after the results of an independent survey compiled by ComRes released.

revealed in which a staggering 88% as well as had a big carmakers through leaving the European Union, while 73% of tiny as well as medium-sized companies want to stay. Approved 77% of the industry as a whole Europe This kind of was better to work.

This kind of contrasts 9% of the respondents who thought out of the European Union will benefit the business. Answered 14% said they were unsure of its effects, which reflects the level of uncertainty around This kind of issue.

leading from the remaining support from the European Union voices include senior members of Toyota , BMW as well as Vauxhall . Said Mike Hughes, chief executive of SMMT: “The message through the United Kingdom for cars as well as clear – being in Europe is usually vital to the future of the industry as well as secure jobs, investment as well as growth

, said 77% of the cars. Built from the United Kingdom last year exported , with 57% of those who go to European customers. we were exported 1.3 million British car made last year – the highest level on record – as well as formed the industry to a large 11.8% of the total UK exports, worth 15 billion £ significant increases on the economy. industry employs 800,000 people. “leaving could put a lot of these jobs at risk.”

Tony Walker, Deputy Managing Director of Toyota, This kind of was suggested in which hinder investment company from the United Kingdom if he left the country of Europe. “Toyota two factories from the United Kingdom. We export nearly 0% of the cars made from the UK, the vast majority of EU countries.

“After careful evaluation, we believe [Brexittoaddsometariffsortariffbarriersleadingtoalossofefficiencyinthebusinessaswellaslossofcoordinationintheorganizationofavehicle

” leaving open the future is usually very uncertain of the technical difficulties as well as increasing costs. “

[19459004added] Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the board of BMW management management:” Our experience shows in which the freedom of movement of components as well as products manufactured as well as skilled workers within the European Union is usually beneficial to companies based in Britain too

. “even if we left the EU, in force from the European Union regulations are still in force. This kind of is usually very clear in which Britain’s role as a problem-Qaeda, rather than taking the rule, very important. “

Nigel Stein, CEO of British engineering not bad. JK (responsible for designing drivelines for nearly half the globe’s car), This kind of is usually believed in which the UK struggle to compete with the business sector from the European Union alone: ​​”Voting to leave will not mean manufacturing investment overnight disappears, yet with the passage of time from the United Kingdom outside the EU will be disadvantaged as well as will lose the investment they need to keep our industries

“the relative size of the pan-European market compared to the market of the United Kingdom means in which This kind of will be difficult for us to compete alone. European factories will be not bad. JK probably more important to work [if Brexit went before] “


Stein comments with Robertson, saying:” If we leave, This kind of is usually likely in which we will end up with freedom of trade, such an agreement could put Britain in a large defect compared with European competitors have. “


tiny businesses also in which the membership of the European Union gave them a competitive advantage on a global level. the beautiful Mughal, Chief Executive Officer of Magal Engineering,” We benefit greatly through the freedom of movement of personnel in all throughout Europe. Our rapid growth may be hampered without This kind of “


Magal:”.? No one genuinely believes in which the EU will offer trade terms Best Independent from the United Kingdom than This kind of does for those who are inside, “

All SMMT members agreed to remain from the market where there are more than 500 million primarily consumer to ensure in which the United Kingdom still competitive, although many did not agree as well as may need some reform.

Robertson, BMW acknowledged the United Kingdom will likely be able to agree on a free trade agreement if the left, yet “is usually a period uncertainty in which can cause serious harm to the business from the United Kingdom. You can go in many directions, so This kind of is usually something we could definitely avoid “

More importantly, SMMT comment as well as its members about the success of the auto industry from the United Kingdom in recent years – last year there was a record number of car registration brand new here.


Hawes from the SMMT wants to stay Britain in Europe, yet with more power to influence the business decisions of the European Union questioned prominent figures Why do we want to risk hampering This kind of success. “If we stay in Europe, as well as we desire genuinely David Cameron made the most of This kind of. “

the public of the United Kingdom as well as vote on whether to stay from the European Union in a referendum on June 23 2016.

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Source: Brexit: 77% of UK motor industry wants Britain to remain in EU

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