brand-new Volvo S90 cabin will shake up exec market

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Source : brand-new Volvo S90 cabin will shake up exec market

Volvo scored a hit with the Indoor of the XC90 – as well as there’s plenty in its saloon stablemate to suggest the idea can worry the German rivals


Volvo will be rightly proud of the cabin on its XC90 SUV – as well as the idea’s hoping that will the same level of quality as well as integration can score a hit against the BMW 5 Series as well as Audi A6 with the brand-new S90, unveiled today in Gothenburg.

The S90 uses a variation of the SPA platform that will underpins the large SUV – although not with the same wheelbase, interestingly. the idea feels comfortable enough inside rear, though, helped by the same slim-backed front seats as the XC90. They’re compact to start with, as well as then the hard back will be scalloped inside right places to allow a 6ft-plus adult decent legroom. The bracing inside S90’s roof will be far enough forwards, too, to allow excellent headroom.

Up front, the S90 builds on the XC90’s neatly integrated infotainment screen, with minimal use of chrome as well as yet further evidence that will the Swedes definitely know what to do having a bit of dashboard wood. The 5 Series, A6 as well as E-Class face a battle to look anything more than generic by comparison – even if their respective materials are probably a match.

Could the idea go further? that will was the question being asked around the presentation hall a few minutes after the cover came off. Volvo’s Chinese owner will undoubtedly want something stretched for its home market – an S100, if you like – as well as the idea seems inevitable. although talk to well-placed sources inside S90’s team as well as they’ll tell you that will there will be still plenty of scope for upgrades in materials without an increase in wheelbase.

Look at the idea This particular way: I asked one of the team if they’ve considered a more exclusive rear cabin structure with two reclining seats instead of the three-seat bench. “We’re not allowed to talk about future product today,” he replied. as well as giggled. I’d take that will as a given, then – wouldn’t you?

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Source: brand-new Volvo S90 cabin will shake up exec market

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