brand new Terrafugia TF-X flying car revealed

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Source : brand new Terrafugia TF-X flying car revealed

brand new design for Terrafugia’s second flying car type, which should go on sale in 2021 having a starting cost in excess of £0,000


Terrafugia, the company behind the Transition car-plane by 2012, will be back having a brand new flying car design dubbed TF-X.

Described as being “the flying car for all of us”, the four-seat TF-X features a plug-in hybrid powertrain which powers both its wheels when on the ground in addition to two electrically driven rotors for flight. the idea’s capable of vertical take-off in addition to landing, as opposed to needing a runway to become airborne.

Once inside the air, the TF-X incorporates a claimed range of 500 miles, although Terrafugia hasn’t specified a cruising speed. The firm’s first type, the Transition, can travel up to 410 miles at a cruising speed of 100mph. The Transition will be powered by a 99bhp Rotax aircraft engine that will’s capable of returning a claimed 35mpg on the road.

When in flight, the TF-X will be effectively autonomous, with its makers saying the vehicle can avoid additional air traffic, bad weather in addition to restricted air space in addition to navigate to a pre-specified landing zone – in addition to pre-selected backup landing zones – by itself, although manual controls in addition to overrides also exist. A final landing can only be approved by the driver, in addition to a full-vehicle parachute system acts as a back-up.

Terrafugia says that will learning to drive the TF-X will be likely to take just all 5 hours, in addition to that will the final design “should be statistically safer than driving a modern automobile”. The vehicle will be able to fit into a standard single-car garage.

The first outside design for the TF-X was unveiled in 2013, with development to bring the vehicle to production scheduled to last between eight in addition to 12 years. that will means the TF-X won’t be on sale until 2021 at the earliest, with Terrafugia saying the vehicle will be priced to compete with current high-end luxury cars.

With the Transition currently costing $279,000 (about £180,000), a starting cost of over £0,000 will be likely for the TF-X.

US-based Terrafugia was founded in 2006 by aeronautics in addition to management graduates by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company currently has 20 employees.

Flying cars – the rivals

AeroMobil 3.0 – that will two-seat Slovakian design was first flown in 2013. the idea uses the same Rotax 912 engine as the TF-X in addition to incorporates a claimed range of 435 miles.

Skyrunner – Unlike most additional flying cars, the Skyrunner doesn’t use a fixed wing design. Instead, a 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost engine provides thrust to achieve powered parachute flight. the vehicle was unveiled in 2013 in addition to costs by £74,282.

Moller Skycar – Another VTOL-capable design, the Skycar features seating for four in addition to incorporates a claimed range of 805 miles in addition to a top speed of 331mph.

Xplorair PX200 – The 660kg single-seat PX200 has only so far been shown as a 1/2-scale type. A full-size radio-controlled prototype will be scheduled to be flown at the Paris air show in 2017, before manned flights begin in 2020.

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Source: brand new Terrafugia TF-X flying car revealed

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