brand-new Seat Ateca starting cost confirmed – pictures, details

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Source : brand-new Seat Ateca starting cost confirmed – pictures, details

Seat Ateca seat ATECA will be the first style SUV brand, which hopes the Spanish automobile industry will bring back to the sales volume


as well as ATECA seat , the brand-new four-wheel drive cars crucial for the company, as well as will be priced by £ 17990 when the item goes on sale This specific year, the the confirmed.

While not announced specifications as well as prices for the rest of the range, as well as a starting cost weakened 19459007 Nissan Qashqai , a major competitor from the ATECA, which will be priced by £ 18265.

as well as ATECA, unveiled a brand-new style from the gallery Geneva , will arrive from the UK in September, with orders taken from the late spring.

SUV has been rapidly gaining popularity in Europe as well as last year became the largest-selling car from the zone type for the very first time. as well as ATECA, which carries a similar footprint to Lyon , will be seat first picture of its kind SUV should bring significant growth to Volkswagen Brand Group.

also be followed in early 2018 by an SUV smaller on the basis of the next generation of Ibiza , in as well as of itself result in 2017, with cars SUV largest under investigation for production by the end of the decade.

supported versatile MQB Volkswagen Group platform, as well as ATECA will be 4.36m long, doing just 2CM shorter than the Qashqai. as well as share a base with wheels 2.64m Lyon, while the width as well as height of 1.84m 1.6M will be also in line with qashqai.

will be offered a few seats ATECA with standard front-wheel as well as optional four-wheel drive by launch as well as the scope of the familiar petrol as well as diesel diesel engines.

Unit gasoline for beginners will be a three-cylinder 113bhp 1.0 TSI. 148bhp 1.4 TSI with cylinder deactivation technology as well as the different will be a gasoline engine. The diesel 1.6 TDI presented with 113bhp, as well as the 2.0 TDI with 148bhp or 187bhp.

All engines feature a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, with the seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission DSG optional tray on the more powerful engines. the item will be offering all-wheel-drive diesel engines only.

the most efficient style from the range, a 113bhp 1.6 TDI with manual gearbox as well as front-wheel drive. This specific has CO2 emissions of 112g’s / km as well as combined economy of 65.7mpg.


seat already FR variation of ATECA will be offered at a later date, as well as that will the performance variation of the Cobra was under consideration. Versions with off-road design are also possible.

as well as the brand-new ATECA, named after the village in Spain, sports a sharp name, sculptured design evolved by that will of the Lyon Group. Among the features are full LED headlights as well as an option from the external surfaces mirrors lights that will illuminate the floor space around the doors are unlocked when they are, as well as drop ATECA name at the same time. the item will be offered a similar feature on Range Rover .

Inside will be also familiar by Lyon, borrowing a look as well as touch screen media system to the auto. the item has been shortened gearstick, however, in order to give a more sporty feeling.

pays seat sports adoption of ATECA papers. R & D describes Matthias Rabe coach cars as having the “most dynamic possible ride,” as well as “light feet, as well as dealing with precision.”

were classified

boot as well as ATECA ability for in 510 liters, as well as the limit to 485 liters from the all-wheel drive versions. This specific will be much larger than the standard 430 liters as well as Qashqai.

technology features on ATECA include shipping Intelligent Wireless, Apple CarPlay as well as compatibility robot cars, as well as the ability to wave your foot under the rear door for the item to open automatically.

Another feature will be an independent function steering called traffic jam assist that will paints, accelerates as well as brakes the auto in heavy traffic at speeds of up to 37mph. Also brand-new will be a function called emergency help to reveal whether the driver will be inactive for a period before the sizzling alert, beating on the brakes as well as then bring the auto to a standstill if there will be no reaction.

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Source: brand-new Seat Ateca starting cost confirmed – pictures, details

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