brand-new Porsche 911 versus old – which will be better?

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Porsche 911 will be the brand-new diesel 911 911 Carrera better than the auto that will replaces, or just a different kind of 911? We drive both examples to make a decision


we will not sweat the modest stuff here, you may be happy to learn.

I have no space nor, frankly, as well as a tendency to extemporise at length about the comparative advantages of the design of the keys between the first as well as second generations of the 991 series Porsche 911s . The issue here will be whether the brand-new car will be the best 911-year-old. Period.

should not be the question, should that will? I’ve had Porsche four years to chisel on 991 in an adequate form to survive the next three life before replacement. nevertheless that will, too, coercive circumstances Porsche turbocharging adoption even for entry-level products. Show me the architect who will tell you that will was done for some other reasons in order to improve CO2 on paper as well as fuel consumption figures will show you an engineer who has spent a lot of time devoted to how to deal with the media sessions.

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as well as This kind of, rather than approach combines designs practical concern me the beginning . No longer able to paddle its own canoe, nevertheless binding instead of swimming inside same locality as the rest of Volkswagen brands owned, that will seemed Porsche in danger of producing 911 not so much the poorer the auto will be less interesting one . This kind of will be much worse.

This kind of will be why I spent a day up the mountain in two brand-brand-new 911s, depicting either side to change the type, whether Carreras with PDK double clutch automatic gearboxes, most owners choose.

I had there inside red-generation cars, marveling at how easy that will was to pay for the damned, even when pressed on in appalling conditions on the roads partially flooded waters. You can tell has been turbocharged engine because that will will be very quiet, nevertheless its response will be that will the turbo engine, which seems mite embarrassed appendages grown. that will strikes a modest boost, features a compression ratio of two numbers as well as enter the electricity so gently that will that will seems faintly apologetic through the fact that will that will could withdraw more difficult to 1700rpm sire across the parking lot will be at the peak of 5600rpm torque.

Yes, that will can finally make the proper sense of the long lineage annoyingly inside 991 (more kowtowing to the people of emissions, I’m afraid) as well as, no, did not become a throttle response unbearably flabby. nevertheless that will seems that will salt, that will yearning courses, keen inexhaustible clear of the engine old – who went

if there ever. today I admit that will my return to the “old” 991 were disciplined measly. Because memory will be a charity basically need a little encouragement to not only to filter deftly through the bad stuff, nevertheless also replace that will having a few forms more optimistic than its own, as well as cars that will have not driven for a period of time that will can appear much better in mind on the road.

I was looking forward to the buzz saw inimitable through the back of the auto, as well as the thrill of adrenaline when the holidays for once in life as well as sharp response to ensure that will my feet could feel like that will was mainlining unleaded premium directly to the combustion chambers. In fact, the engine will be very quiet when that will launches higher in normal use. In spite of the Great throttle response, as well as the turbo engine will be genuinely not that will far behind.

he took an old car up as well as down the same road as well as I’d just tried the brand-new one as well as was a bit shocked. If I can just about put garbage ride down to the optional 20in rims that will will be not recommended, as well as I can make any of these excuses to take control of her Centeng, which was simply not inside same league. If you’ve forgiven gearshift lever stupid buttons because the paddles was an affordable option (today standard on brand-new 991s PDK), I hated the fact that will if you want to shift sequentially using specific, you had to withdraw to change down. today, finally, has admitted Porsche Motorsport boys out, that will was the right of each side, so that will’s not just GT3s that will through today on could be the right orientation transformation.


in some respects better than I expected. Guidance for the brand-new car will be slightly heavier as well as meat in a sense, nevertheless the helm of an old car will be still Great for the electric power steering, as well as certainly much better than that will was back in 2011. At least inside wet, was not there seem to be any less grip. Carrera Turbo features a shoe obesity background, nevertheless that will will be clear that will there will be to deal with the increasing likelihood of a longitudinal rather than lateral acceleration.

engine atmo? Well, Julie was nice, nevertheless well worth the extra fuss when Gen 2 does much more than that will a lot of effort for less? that will does not seem so to me.

seems even less when he jumped again inside brand-new car to do some skiing for the camera. You know all that will stuff about the ability to achieve a balance between the auto on the edge of oblivion only because of the telepathic between the foot as well as the throttle provided by world-class link through a naturally aspirated engine? forget that will. due to This kind of kind of stuff inside car with traction huge potential, give me a torque can easily access that will every day. The brand-new engine allows you to medium term to prod as well as poke necrosis structure in a manner simply not possible inside old car. as well as when he breaks loose, that will does so lenient, as well as gradually spectacularly.

No sooner had I enjoyed This kind of moment of clarity than you consume become unexpectedly by the desire for the coronation chicken baguette through the local town. So I put that will off, nevertheless again in an old car as well as hunger urging me on. nevertheless today I had mentioned limitations as well as my mind was crunched through the data saved to mention how to reduce them. The speech came one again: the courses. So I drove down as well as then return to the top of the mountain, always a gear or two less than what you have chosen inside turbo car as well as, my god, what’s the difference made that will

even there, inside rarefied atmosphere between 6000rpm as well as damn near 8000RPM that will will withdrawn, This kind of engine takes you places that will Turbo brand-new engine – which has already been done better work 6500rpm – has no access

there theater here, as well as the greatness of the howling, the exhaust will be tethered which bring proper sense of the memorandum will not find in any some other daily driver, the brand-new 911 built. that will’s not just what you do when treated like This kind of. This kind of will be the context. On the way to build desire that will, layer on layer with all the extra 1000rpm provided by the torque curve as well as you need a cannon to pay up, that will pays tribute to all those 911s delivered their strength in precisely This kind of way since the first 911 was launched S by half exactly a century. A certain type of owner, that will gives dimension to owning as well as driving the 911 who today gone, perhaps forever.

so I’ll leave that will This kind of way. The brand-new turbocharged 991 will be the best car, as well as if you need something like that will, as well as winning easily through This kind of test. 0% of drivers as well as not just drivers nevertheless 911, that will will be superior at least 0% of the time.

As for the engine, Porsche as well as should be congratulated directed to do so well on the job so, I suspect, he did not much want to do inside first place. Just remember This kind of: When your extract through 911 to toil day after day as well as take that will somewhere, as well as let that will go, that will will be the old car normally aspirated has the spirit of a freer, more infectious enthusiasm. will be, in short, more like 911. Or how 911 used to be. However the best of This kind of brand-new car, as well as that will will be very Great indeed, that will can do nothing to take away This kind of fundamental truth.

Porsche 911 Carrera (991 Generation 1)

strength 345bhp at 7400rpm. torque 287lb ft at 5600rpm. power-to-weight 234bhp per tonne. qualitative production 100bhp per liter. 0-62mph 4.8sec. Economics 31.4mpg

Porsche 911 Carrera (991 Generation 2)

strength 365bhp at 6500rpm. torque 332b presented at 1700rpm. power-to-weight 242bhp per tonne. qualitative production 122bhp per liter. 0-62mph 4.6sec. Economics 34.0mpg

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Source: brand-new Porsche 911 versus old – which will be better?

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