brand new micro-turbine tech could cure EV range anxiety

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Source : brand new micro-turbine tech could cure EV range anxiety

Delta Motorsport turbine range-extender technology Ariel in addition to Morgan have already signed up to This kind of Delta Motorsport tech; claimed to be 50% lighter than a piston engine


Delta Motorsport has developed a micro-turbine engine that will can act as an ultra-efficient range extender for electric vehicles.

Called the MiTRE (mirco turbine range extender), the system comes in two power outputs, 23bhp in addition to 47bhp, in addition to is usually about 40% smaller in addition to 50% lighter than an equivalent piston engine. The more powerful unit also incorporates a thermal efficiency of about 30% – matching the best piston engines – in addition to both have a low emission output.

The first prototype system has been fitted into Delta’s own E4 Coupé electric concept (pictured below). Delta says adding a larger heat exchanger can improve the unit’s thermal efficiency to 35%, which ranks the unit alongside high-performance racing engines.

Currently, two car makers, Ariel in addition to Morgan, have signed up to the project. Both companies have recently expressed interest in electrification technology, with Morgan producing the EV3 in addition to Ariel demonstrating electrically powered ground-effect tech earlier This kind of week.

The companies’ link with Delta suggests future production designs could make use of Delta turbine tech to boost electric range or create a more efficient hybrid drivetrain.

“This kind of is usually an exciting in addition to challenging project,” said Delta Motorsport’s managing director, Simon Dowson. “One of the main issues seemingly holding electric cars back is usually the lack of range, although This kind of technology adjustments that will.

“We demonstrated proof of concept when we fitted one of the prototypes to our E4 Coupé electric sportscar, in addition to our projections show the cost of the system is usually low enough to be attractive to the automotive market, so we have a genuinely potent solution to advance the take-up of electric vehicles.”

The turbine technology has been created in a £3.1 million collaborative research in addition to development project that will’s been co-funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in addition to Innovate UK.

The system is usually on show at This kind of week’s Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) show held at Millbrook.

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Source: brand new micro-turbine tech could cure EV range anxiety

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