brand-new Lexus LF-FC fuel cell concept to go on sale before 2020

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Source : brand-new Lexus LF-FC fuel cell concept to go on sale before 2020

Lexus LF-FC concept luxury saloon can be characterized by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain along with previews salon occupies the first place among the future group


concept hydrogen fuel cell Lexus LF-FC will spawn a production variation which will go on sale before 2020, the company confirmed.

speaking at the launch of LC500h coupe hybrid performance, company officials confirmed which the Lexus along with Toyota boss Akio Toyoda wanted your vehicle for sale by the end of the decade.

concept, revealed for initially at the Tokyo Motor Show, said from the past year to “provide a peek at the design along with technology direction of leading sedan from the future of the brand.”

Hydrogen powers fuel cells generate electric power concept LF-FC, with one driving the rear wheels along with engine power which can be sent to two electric motors from the wheels from the front. which says Lexus pushing the concept allows for the distribution of torque specifically to all four wheels system, resulting in a “dynamic handling along with superior stability extraordinary way.”

company says put a stack fuel cell at the rear of your vehicle – with the console from the energy from the front along with hydrogen storage tanks from the configuration ‘T’ – allows for the distribution of weight “optimal” sports saloon [

generate power hybrid car works in one of two driving modes depending on the circumstances. In “cruising, draws fuel cell stack hydrogen along with creates electricity to drive the engine along with recharge the battery, while the situation can be” speeding up “can be used for both the battery along with the fuel cell stack to run the main power of the vehicle engine along with in wheel electric motors for maximum power.

along with the door of the four, the concept of four seats are also several functions independent leadership features, along with can be said to provide a “safe along with efficient driving experience for passengers along with supports the vision of a world free coming from traffic accidents.”


design along with concept along with from the front of the barrier signature Lexus , as well as long bonnnet along with swooping roof line. at the rear, along with future collections the concept from the background light echo those used from the automotive hydrogen-powered Toyota, Mireille.

inside, the spacious Inner surface features information along with entertainment controlled by gesture system . uses holographic projections gestures directly to control the audio functions along with ventilation, while most of the information can be displayed on a digital panel meters in front of the driver. rear passengers also get a touch-screen interface.

speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show, president of Lexus Tokuo Fukuichi said: “Lexus wants to surprise along with stir passions with distinctive design along with technology forward thinking, for us, can be more than just a car, we must go beyond traditional fantasy. The LF -FC expresses our progressive luxury along with high-tech vision not too distant future. “

” The reason we are showing which car can be because we are preparing for a society which hydrogen-powered vehicles. “

the production variation of the concept LF-FC are likely to become an alternative to the LS luxury saloon. The brand-new LS compete from the same market, such as ultra-luxury Audi A8, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class along with BMW 7-Series, along with was tempted at first to be powered by a hybrid powertrain V8 with around 535bhp. today which seems which the variation of at least one of the LS will be presented having a hydrogen fuel cell to generate power instead, although the conventional engines along with hybrid devices which can not be completely ruled out.


Lexus Europe can be today Uyttenhoven coach which when the production variation goes on sale, which will be sold from the “hundreds, not tens of thousands” of units. “which will be about adapting the technology to existing car, not just one detail,” said Autocar “premium first-generation hydrogen vehicle which will not compete with Mireille even – along with which can be a different market.”

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Source: brand-new Lexus LF-FC fuel cell concept to go on sale before 2020

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