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Source : brand new Kia Optima Sportswagon estate revealed

Kia Optima Sportswagon real estate variation of the brand new Kia Optima Sportspace inspired will go on sale inside UK This specific autumn


Kia expanded Optima scale with the launch of the brand new real estate style, Optima Sportswagon (SW).

inspired by the concept of Kia Sportspace of the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, Optima SW is actually the first competitor Kia for the likes of Real Estate versions of the Ford Mondeo , Vauxhall badge in addition to Mazda 6 , the latter of which Kia says is actually the main contender for SW.

says Kia style represents a great opportunity for growth in Europe, in addition to two-thirds of all versions sold inside class is actually real estate, rising to three-quarters when purely considering the fleet sales. Kia says in her case the estate can get not bad results inside saloon six

has been designed

in addition to Optima SW in addition to visualization along with the saloon, both versions led by Kia European Design team.

SW Optima is actually based on the latest variation of the Optima sedan. The estate has the same 4855mm length in addition to 1860 mm width saloon, although of which grows in height 5mm to 1470mm. Wheelbase is actually 2805mm.

boot is actually 553 liters with the rear seats up capability, which is actually an increase on the 48-liter saloon. Kia has yet to confirm the figure for maximum capacity with the rear seats folded down. In comparison Mondeo estate offers 500-1605 liters of space (rear seats up in addition to down), the estate offers a badge 540-1530 liters in addition to real estate Mazda 6506-1648 liters.

40:20:40 split rear seats as standard, along with many comfort features. Included is actually a pop-up sliding metal luggage rack to secure the single items, a power tailgate of which opens automatically when the key is actually inside vicinity of the shoe, in addition to a low, flat boot lips.

Inner surface is actually based on of which of the Optima sedan, in addition to are presented using a 7.0in or 8.0in screen touch system in addition to the media. Optima SW offered with systems integration smartphone robot cars in addition to Apple CarPlay, along using a wireless charging mat in addition to two USB charging, one of which is actually located inside back.

is actually set Optima SW to be offered with two engines inside UK, including a copy GT- range-topping turbo with 242bhp, 260lb ft hooked a 2.0-liter gasoline engine up to speed automatic six-speed box. Have performance figures are not disclosed.

The different engine inside line-up is actually the 139bhp, 251lb ft 1.7-liter turbodiesel. This specific could be a connection to either six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Has the economy in addition to CO2 figures have not been disclosed. The Optima sedan, incorporates a 1.7 CO2 emissions guide of 110G / km in addition to a combined 56 mpg economy.

has Kia also plans to equip the Optima SW with the same plug-in hybrid propulsion system of which is actually being introduced at the salon. A copy of the road has been ruled out, however.

claims to have tuned Kia Optima comment on the independent SW to improve the speed in addition to offers the best coming from bumps in addition to poor road surfaces protection. There is actually also a detailed spring in addition to damper settings for the estate.

provides adaptive suspension system, electronically controlled on the Optima SW, which includes normal in addition to sport modes in addition to is actually tuned specifically for European tastes leadership. This specific is actually optional on diesel variation in addition to a standard gasoline-powered style GT-.

style GT, which will also be offered at the salon, bodykit includes with the front bumper more aggressive, air intakes brand new, different alloy 18in, rear bumper tweaked, twin exhausts, Pseudomonas publisher The brand new Inner surface detail in addition to trim. The work was done at the Nurburgring to set of which as a mathematical style.

Kia Optima will offer SW using a full range of safety in addition to convenience features. These functions include parking self cars for both parallel in addition to perpendicular spaces, in addition to headlights of which move in line with the steering wheel, in addition to control radar cruise, in addition to emergency braking independent incorporates a radar of which can detect collisions in both the short, medium in addition to low-term in addition to medium speeds.

Commenting on the design in addition to marketing of the sites of the Optima SW brand new, head of external surfaces design of the vehicle, David Hart, said: “of which’s a very stylish car. We did not just want to make the different vehicle, we wanted something elegant as the salon so you do not have to make a choice with elegance in addition to practicality. ”

said European marketing director Artur Martins Optima SW was important because of which gives the Kia, which continues to grow its portfolio in Europe, the existence of a slice of the market, “mature” in Europe, one of which is actually stable for cities at present.

The Optima SW for the very first time inside entire world in Geneva Motor Show next month , in addition to will go on sale inside UK inside autumn. in addition to of which tends to command a premium of a few hundred pounds to the salon, which starts at £ 21495 style.

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Source: brand new Kia Optima Sportswagon estate revealed

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