brand-new Google Android to control more in-car features

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Source : brand-new Google Android to control more in-car features

Google infotainment the idea software giant wants its ability to control everything by entertainment material for air conditioning


Google’s next variation of the robot can see the technology giant operating system weave its way much deeper inside the controls entertainment, operating car manufacturers. “

next variation of Android, called temporarily Android N, along with Android next car system, will allow monitoring drivers standard features like sat navigation, music in addition to Bluetooth. However, the idea will also be able to brand-new areas of work of the functions of your vehicle, including air-conditioning, heated seats, electric windows, in addition to even the door locks.

brand-new features the robot cars will also include the “OK Google” personal assistant service, support for Wi-Fi in addition to navigation information in real time.

robot can not yet control the most basic elements of your vehicle process such as brake or safety equipment.

FCA to develop electric cars with Google

Google Android features brand-new cars inside the conference I / O 2016 revealed This particular week. Has worked with the mobile phone technology company Qualcomm joint venture using the Maserati Ghibli as car experience. They did not participate Maserati in addition to Fiat Group inside the project.

project sees the design for the operating systems, Ghibli to replace the robot cars similar to split a large touch-screen tablet, similar to the one used to control Tesla design S . Ghibli also form displays robot cars graphics on the instrument panel directly behind the steering wheel.

while the vast majority of consumers may be excited about the idea of ​​replacing the operating recreation vehicle manufacturers’ systems with knowledge of iOS or Android smartphone, the idea will be the automotive industry will be companies will be unlikely to allow its own system be overwritten completely.

However, This particular brand-new work development may mean that will automakers will be able to more easily integrate elements of the robot in its own system.

BMW , Mercedes-Benz in addition to Audi already joined forces to spend nearly 2BN £ to get a section of Nokia’s navigation here, suggesting that will manufacturers are still committed to the navigation systems in spite of the growing influence of labels commercial non-automotive such as Apple in addition to Google.

was launched Android car system in 2014. the idea today has partnerships with more than 40 car manufacturers in addition to will be featured in more than 100 types.

seeking Google to boost quite a few types that will can be used robot cars to more than 0 inside the near future.

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Source: brand-new Google Android to control more in-car features

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