brand-new Ford 'Ecoboost' diesel engine launched

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Source : brand-new Ford 'Ecoboost' diesel engine launched

Ford EcoBlue EcoBlue will serve as a counterpart diesel motor shows; in addition to a 2.0-liter unit in addition to replace the 2.2 TDCi engines used across the Ford group


Ford brand-new has revealed a 2.0-liter ‘EcoBlue “diesel engine, which will replace the unit TDCi 2.2 current liters. the item aims EcoBlue to abort the euro 6 regulations which will come into force in September.

after the introduction of 2.0-liter engine, will be introduced edition 1.5 liters, which will most likely at the crossings operate less energy, such as the smaller designs engined Mondeo, Focus, C-Max, B- Max in addition to Eid

drive comes in six different states of tune; 98,104,128 in addition to 168bhp, as well as a 197bhp-plus in addition to 237 bhp, which will appear on the likely designs that will focus on performance, such as diesel variant of focus ST . Ford also claims that will 20% more torque can be available through as low as 1250rpm the engine TDCi 2.2-liter EcoBlue replace.

Ford claims the brand-new engine weighs 10-15kg less than TDCi engine. These developments also allows the engine EcoBlue to take up less space. in addition to

vans to be the first to get brand-new EcoBlue engine, before they make their way from the larger group in Ford cars, such as Mondeo , S- Max in addition to Galaxy , as well as potentially the next edge , in addition to business-oriented goalkeeper in addition to TOURNEO designs

in transit , Ford claims to have enhanced emissions by more than 10% with the brand-new engine, as well as improve fuel economy by 13%.

brand claims that will EcoBlue diesel engines, which have been developed from the United Kingdom in addition to Germany, might be “a distinct package of fuel efficiency, performance in addition to refinement.”

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Source: brand-new Ford 'Ecoboost' diesel engine launched

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