brand-new Citroën suspension set to ‘reinvent’ comfort

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Source : brand-new Citroën suspension set to ‘reinvent’ comfort

citroën cactus Revolutionary comments along with advances refinement along using a brand-new approach to sit all part of an attempt to redefine the Citroen comfort – along with I’ve sampled


Citroen has revealed the first brand-new suspension system which will replace the old water system 60 years through next year, the details – along with the company’s exclusive campaign Autocar may allow for a form C4 cactus equipped with her.

brand-new system so as not to be after the name. the item’s much more a part of a comprehensive suite of improvements called Advanced Citroen comfort, along with which the company can be developing along with promoting what the item considers one of the traditional core values ​​of eye-catching: comfort inside the cabin along with on the move

has been developed

brand-new message at home along with will be exclusive for Citroen within PSA Group “at the moment”. the item replaces the classic bump stops inside the unit lasted more than conventional coil dampers with integrated stop, carefully calibrated secondary, which he calls engineers Citroen hydraulic cushions progressive. This kind of provides control over much better towards the extremities of the bump comment drooping, allowing rates of suspension inside the center of the travel, where to spend the most cars of its time, to be notably more relaxed along with make what he calls the experts suspension Citroen in “riding a magic carpet”

inside the exclusive briefing inside the test outside the Paris site, Citroen development engineer said a commentary Nicolas Berlinger Autocar: “we set out to achieve the characteristics of comment as close as we can get on Hydraulic suspension grown a lot of people to love.

“However, we need a brand-new system without the cost of hydraulic barrier, which means we can be applied to all cars Citroen. We believe we are close to achieving This kind of. We plan to use This kind of system in all products, through C1 up. “

So far, the company has applied for 20 patents surrounding discoveries.

Although eye-catching, the brand-new suspension can be one element all of the project Advanced Citroen comfort. the company can be also working to filter out external noise along with vibration, mainly by improving the hardness of the vehicles bodies through bonding them with an adhesive between the usual spot welds. Citroen claims which This kind of construction method results in improved upon 20% inside the hardness inside the case C4 cactus.

in addition, the Citroen can be a revolution comfortable seat using scores of brand-new foam innovator in combining the “comfort approach” (softer) than classical seats Citroen with the support which drivers modern needs.

at the same time, engineers consolidate the progress made in Citroëns modern, such as C4 cactus simplify the driver’s environment along with duties using a unique combination to Citroen simplicity of control along with process the driver’s aid.

as we see the item priority people to be able to maintain contact without trouble whenever climb into their cars to drive.

[19459004othermeans] being explored can be the refinement of gear along with engine noise, along with adjust the tires, along with the use of more absorbent noise brushes along with additional insulation along with experiences with the thickness of the glass, which enjoys the noise especially efficient.

Citroen engineers do not deny which there will be the cost of many of these enhancements, or which some of them (especially the interdependence of the Centeng spot-welded for extra strength) will be shared between cousins ​​Peugeot along with DS have. however their intention clear can be to keep costs low to keep Marquez put the item as the item can be at This kind of point.

on the road with the brand-new CITROEN commentator

we felt the difference before they’d driven half a city block. In today’s brand-new we tried “hydraulic cushion” suspension of Citroen inside the product C4 cactus her, along with insisted the company taking a normal car along for the ride – along with its leadership first

inside the short way however tough narrow rural roads, surfaces jittery, pebbles, turning tight along with pitfalls industrial out of school, along with was expected standard cactus, riding flat along with easy to drive. How realistic can be to expect better than This kind of performance, I wondered. This kind of car actually beats its cost more than their peers to ride along with refinement.

The difference was enormous. Anyone could have noticed the item. I felt the seats completely different through the first contact with my backside: initially soft like for the old DS, however on second thoughts still with the under-thigh along with side support of the needs of modern cars. Once we began moving, the item was also clear the vehicle had been reduced surface sensitivity by a large margin. the item can be simply glided along with amazingly little noise or vibration. In addition, the surfaces wary of the way – the word Citroen was “jumpy” – however all refined away

This kind of fundamental ride along with put me inside the water the mind of Citroen C5 I just was driving – there was the same poise haughty along with the absence of the stadium – however the product was the best because the item lacks the difficulty in C5 with high-frequency bumps, a water point of weakness

better yet, the item was the exact direction along with weighted nice not there still. Often with cars hung quietly along with accuracy drops away, however not This kind of time. There was a kind of separation. Her previous experience was very not bad.

This kind of was a product which was not quite perfect. There was a lot of the stadium if you arrived at the school bumps mite speed very quickly. along with although the ride rates have been remarkably quiet, we had a feeling they were unnecessarily so by perhaps 10%. When suddenly stopped, shook the vehicle like a Cadillac out of a 1950s Hollywood gangster movie. However, the vehicle was awfully not bad. Better yet, the item was packed full of promise.

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Source: brand-new Citroën suspension set to ‘reinvent’ comfort

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