brand-new £1m NextEV electric hypercar takes aim at McLaren P1

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Source : brand-new £1m NextEV electric hypercar takes aim at McLaren P1

NextEv Autocar image battery powered hypercar scheduled to arrive before the end of next year. Will likely sales kicks off in China, before expanding into global markets


NextEV, along with Chinesebacked electric car start, headed by the former president’s Ford through Europe, Martin Leach, along with plans to unveil its first car, the hypercar, “somewhere within the Europe “before the end of the battery.

which is usually expected which the vehicle (imagine Autocar within the picture above) to have similar performance to McLaren the P1 along with laferrari along with to compete with cars on both the cost. which has been under development within the center of Munich design company during the past two years, although which will be built at the brand-new location within the United Kingdom.


NextEV “on a handshake” at the Paris Motor Show in 2014 by the Chinese Internet billionaire William Lee along with Martin Leach, who, before becoming coach of Ford in Europe, along with was president of product development. The company has since hired a Cisco officer, “the former head of technology, Badmassera warrior, to run its operations within the United States, where the development of software title is usually going on.

within the last year, also won NextEV Formula Championship E opening of all-electric single-seat race cars.

Although which is usually aimed first style NextEV along with the billionaire brothers, Leach insists which the company has ambitions higher than being a super-maker.

“was the first car designed to attract along with said attention along with show what we can do done through a technical standpoint. “” although we will offer within the end a wide range of designs. “ initial reports called NextEV’s Tesla competitor, although Leach along with objected, insisting which her group will We aim to provide global levels of comfort along with

“, along with we want our company’s reputation for high quality products to be directed to quality along with customer satisfaction, not cost” along with said access is usually associated with mobile phones. which. “The global market for cars 0 million units last year, along with we see opportunities within the market as a whole. “

will not be drawn by Leach on early production targets NextEV, although which confirms serious the company’s intention by the fact which currently has 1000 employees working in six locations in Europe Asia along with the United States plans to reach 5,000 employees by the end of next year.

Autocar understands NextEV can make 500,000 vehicles within the next few years, focusing initially on the Chinese market, where there are favorable conditions for electric cars, there’s the need-backed emergency government to curb auto emissions.

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Source: brand-new £1m NextEV electric hypercar takes aim at McLaren P1

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