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BMW X4 I have seen 50 cars which we considered the best on the sale today, in addition to right now take a look at cars at the different end of the scale


in no particular order, these are the cars which likes least. Not the worst – in some cases, in any way – only those which disappointed, wrath, anger or came closest to make us consider the merits of public transport

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car only on earth able to make X6 look attractive. The only positive thing which can be said for its appearance is actually which the idea is actually so ugly the idea might just distract you by the fact which, underneath, the idea’s just less practical, more expensive BMW X3 .

DS 4

has right now begun a brand new brand DS as the marque in its own right extent, We trust Citroen will realize which mediocrity formulations will not definitely do these days in addition to which the idea must stop building cars like the DS 4. for the money, in addition to 4 is actually located too far much less often.

Fiat 500L

idea – take a look cutesy mortality 500 in addition to apply the idea to a large car enough for the entire family to enjoy – the idea was great. Implementation does almost everything to be desired.

Nissan Micra

, beggars belief which after the final off the drive for the Micra mark, April senior officers agreed which all which was not bad enough picture. the idea’s joyless.

Vauxhall Adam

formations indefinite extension in addition to the names fool all fine, as long as the vehicle which is actually applied is actually basically decent. in addition to Vauxhall Adam, although improved upon, is actually not.

Toyota Avensis

even if you can forgive Toyota image userunfriendly work environment, look dull in addition to odd driving position, there is actually literally no excuse for creating the family car is actually very inspiring to pay.

Mini Paceman

Take one of the least favorite dresses, in addition to compatriot , removing one big thing going for the idea which the idea, a capacious Indoor. The result is actually a tight, ugly in addition to pointless. Statistics calls the Paceman.

Proton Gen-2

in addition to we try not difficult to take cheap shots at tin cans bargain bucket like Bruton . yet we’ll make an exception here. the idea’s far spectacularly off the top class.

Mitsubishi Mirage

average car so on riding, processing in addition to refining the idea feels like the idea should be for sale by a decade at least, in addition to even then Mitsubishi which Mirage have struggled to make an impact.

Ford Ecosport

Yes, the idea has improved upon, yet, boy, the idea did not need to. This specific is actually Ford proves even automakers are usually very not bad can have off days.

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We named our car favorites are on sale? right now the idea’s your turn. Visit to vote for your favorite car of the 50 listed here. The winner will be announced at the re-launch of awards Autocar at Silverstone on May 24

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Source: Bottom 10 cars on sale today

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