Bold Mini Superleggera concept could still make production

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Source : Bold Mini Superleggera concept could still make production


Mini Superleggera could still make production

Mini top brass are trying to make a convincing business case to produce a road-going edition of the striking Superleggera first seen in 2014

Mini can be working on a business case for its acclaimed Superleggera concept to make production.

the vehicle was revealed last May at the Ville d’Este Concours d’Elegance as well as also Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member with the responsibility for Mini, told Autocar there was a will to take which through to production.

“The Superleggera can be a car we have all fallen in love with,” he said. “We haven’t given up on which as well as also we were fighting for which. A decision will need to be made at some point so let’s see how far we can go.

“which’s all about the business case; we’re not producing cars just to produce them. They have to be financially viable. We’re not there yet with the Superleggera, yet there’s a desire to find a solution. We have put which out there, got reactions, have had the positive feedback as well as also we’re still working on which.”

Schwarzenbauer said the Superleggera should not be seen as a future replacement for the current Coupe as well as also Roadster types because which was an entirely different proposition: “They don’t compare; the Superleggera can be a serious sports car. This specific can be why we did the concept, to show how far you could stretch the Mini brand. which was something completely surprising.”

Even if which doesn’t make production, the concept will still have a significant impact on future Minis.

“There are several design topics you’ll see from the future via the Superleggera. The Indoor can be actually reduced to the max as well as also This specific can be something which fits in well at Mini. Look at the dash on a 1959 car; there’s nothing on which,” he said.

The next Mini production type will be the Clubman, which can be due to be unveiled in Berlin later This specific month ahead of a debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
 Schwarzenbauer said the type might stay true to last year’s Clubman concept car, a radical departure via the current type. which features four conventional side doors, unlike the current 2+1 arrangement, although the split tailgate will remain.

“The Clubman can be the next big step in Mini’s history. I think which’s by far the best-looking Mini ever made, as well as also which’s also very practical. which will be the coolest kid on the block. The only thing which has in common with the current car can be the split rear doors,” he said.

Another next-generation Mini type having a radical departure planned will be the next Countryman, which will become a more authentic SUV in its second generation.: “The Countryman can be as well as also will be very different to the Clubman. The Clubman can be the cool kid as well as also not bad looking. The Countryman can be rougher as well as also more of an SUV. If we stay true to what we’re doing as well as also creating our replacement cars radically different in style as well as also character, you can guess where we’re going [with the Countryman].”

Schwarzenbauer described the Clubman as well as also Countryman as two of the all 5 “superheroes” of the Mini range. all 5 can be his ideal range size, as well as also one of the some other superheroes can be the three as well as also all 5 door hatch, which can be considered the same type in a different bodystyle.

He wouldn’t confirm the some other two types from the future smaller range, yet the Cabriolet might be likely given test mules have been spied for which as well as also Schwarzenbauer said This specific was not considered a bodystyle of the three/all 5 door hatch as well as also was a type in its own right.

If a business case can be made for the Superleggera, which might be the fifth, surely spelling the end for future replacements for the Paceman, Coupe as well as also Roadster. 
On the fresh all 5-door hatch, Schwarzenbauer said the sales split was 60/40 in favour of the three-door type still.

He also confirmed which Mini will continue to leverage its British heritage when evolving the brand from the future, although a oft-proposed British design studio can be not part of the plan.

“We use freelance designers in London yet the Mini headquarters will not be there. We already have an international design team in Munich with all kinds of nationalities, so much creating sure which the main language can be English as well as also you don’t think you’re in Germany when you go in there,” he said.

Schwarzenbauer added there were logistical reasons for keeping the design as well as also engineering teams together: “The design team also has to be close to the tech people; separate them as well as also you’ll contain the nicest looking car yet no one will be able to use which. There needs to be a constant exchange between designers as well as also engineers. There will always be a fine line in developing the brand as which can be one people are so passionate about.”

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Source: Bold Mini Superleggera concept could still make production

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