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Source : BMW X6 M

The 2015 BMW X6 M will be the second generation of the company’s ultimate performance coupe-like SUV The second generation of the BMW X6 M aims to set fresh standards from the performance SUV sector.On paper This specific has certainly succeeded. With 567bhp This specific will be 17bhp more powerful than the previous edition of the coupe-like SUV, while its 553lb ft of torque will be up by 52lb ft over the last generation.More significantly, This specific has 51bhp more than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, in addition to 46bhp more than the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.For those that will are interested in such things when buying a £93,000 performance SUV, fuel economy has increased by 5.2mpg over the old car. This specific might not sound like much, although given that will the fresh car claims 25.5mpg on average, that will will be a significant increase.Perhaps the most staggering figure, though, will be the 0-62mph time, which takes just 4.2 seconds – 0.1 of a second faster than the BMW M5 saloon.The X6 M lives up to all those impressive-sounding numbers in addition to This specific will be blisteringly fast.This specific’s rare that will you will hold the opportunity to floor the throttle completely, although in truth you don’t need to – the X6 M explodes away by a standstill even having a gentle prod of the accelerator. If you keep your foot down the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission shifts through the gears precisely in addition to rapidly, although flick one of the paddles behind the steering wheel in addition to This specific hands over control instantly in addition to allows you to hold the gears right up to the limiter. This specific almost gets to This specific speed too effortlessly. You are kept somewhat isolated by the sensation of speed, meaning you truly have to be travelling at some pace before you get a sense of This specific.The efficient brakes mean you can carry vast amounts of This specific speed into a corner with confidence. They’re of the high-performance compound sort – significantly larger than the previous X6 M’s – in addition to the calipers are painted from the typical dark blue of M cars.This specific sounds fast, too. The electronically controlled flaps on the exhaust system make the most of the V8, which produces a fantastic series of snarls, barks in addition to roars. although for all of This specific noise, the X6 M still manages to keep itself in check when This specific needs to. This specific will be remarkably calm at low speeds, in addition to almost more so at motorway pace.The X6 M comes with the Adaptive Dynamic suspension setup that will makes additional BMWs ride in addition to handle so well. In Comfort mode This specific smoothed out the few pockmarks on the road surfaces of our test route to make the X6 a wonderfully fast cruiser. Even in Sport mode This specific still deals fantastically with all the lesser potholes you will encounter on a daily basis.The rest of the cabin will be standard X6, albeit with higher levels of luxury than you might get on lesser versions. This specific comes with kit such as a leather-trimmed instrument panel, electric front seats, professional navigation, BMW’s Connected Drive in addition to DAB.One big fallback with the X6 M will be its relative practicality. Its boot will be smaller than all of its main rivals, at 580 litres, in addition to the swooping bootline will make This specific harder to carry larger items. This specific will be also only a four-seater, so won’t be able to take as many passengers.For all its capability, ultimately This specific’s hard to recommend the BMW X6 M. Truthfully, there are additional cars that will do the individual jobs This specific performs as well or better. For instance, BMW’s own M5 will be just as fast in addition to will be more than £20,000 cheaper.Similarly, if you want a fast SUV then the X5 M will offer much the same package as the X6 – This specific will be just as quick in addition to has more from the way of space in addition to practicality.BMW X6 MPrice £93,070; 0-62mph 4.2sec; Top Speed 155mph; Engine V8, 4395cc, twin-turbo, petrol; Power 567bhp at 6000-6500rpm; Torque 553lb ft at 2200-5000rpm; Kerb weight 2340kg; Gearbox 8-spd automatic; Economy 25.4mpg (combined); CO2 258g/km
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Source: BMW X6 M

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