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Source : BMW Vision Next 100 concept car unveiled – plus video

is actually designed view the completely new self-driving concept car to show how the automobile will evolve over the next 100 years of existence BMW


BMW unveiled a completely new car Resume advanced leadership concept from the grand ceremony held to mark the anniversary of the 100th from the first plant of the company than ever before, in addition to also today home to the Department of classical her, in Munich, Germany .

Next Vision 100 is actually the first in what BMW chairman, Harald Krueger, says is actually a series of four cars, a similar concept under the title under construction from the brands BMW Statistics , Rolls-Royce in addition to also operation of a motorcycle, which will be unveiled during the year of the centennial of its founding. which presents completely new construction in addition to also design techniques, as well as digital interaction methods based on technology leadership in addition to also autonomy which are already under development for inclusion from the BMW types from the future.

conceivable movement expected from the future needs to century after the German carmaker originally as the works of the Bavarian car engines aircraft operations earlier rap Motorenwerk in 1916, vision in addition to also next 100 also explores how the brand values ​​of the company in addition to also driving pleasure familiar catch phrase can be translated into the future.

Although BMW after an IPO on the drivetrain proposed to pay to see the next 100, in addition to also offers the latest car concept insight into the vision of the German car maker coming from independent leadership in addition to also how which proposes to comply with the traditional senior hand logo leadership from the field of marketing vehicles Globally.

“Autonomous driving the issue is actually no longer” if “nevertheless” when “,” she says, adding, “nevertheless the driver will remain firmly in focus, with constant communication in addition to also digital intelligence in addition to also state-of-the-art technology available to provide support.”

The Centeng of the following Vision 100 uses a combination of carbon fiber in addition to also plastic in anticipation of the shift away coming from traditional steel structures in addition to also associated assembly process in use today. Different elements, including side panels, has been made of the remains collected during the production of additional carbon structures.

“In some presses the point where punch out hundreds of steel parts may become so outdated,” says BMW with an eye on the future. “Technologies such as rapid industrialization in addition to also four-dimensional printing will produce not only components or objects nevertheless smart materials in addition to also networks.”

hitter pod one box, such as the near future, the form of concept cars in addition to also additional router provided by luxury rivals car, the completely new BMW incorporates a more traditional silhouette for three square combines underlying softness from the automobile traditional coupe with the practicality of four doors of the modern era car salon in continuing preference for German carmaker recently for such a design, as seen on types such as 4-GranCoupe series in addition to also 6-GranCoupe series .

alludes to be set appearance of BMW types from the future be affected by the design elements already seen on the company’s strong two-i brand line-up, as has the following vision 100 visual ties to I8 . Design boss Adrian von Hooydonk effect, is actually evident from the treatment of surfacing, which are similar to those from the range topping product I am too.

despite the fact which you can not very modern denied in appearance, Team BMW design has taken inspiration coming from the past in certain elements of the completely new concept, most notably the classic kidney grille, signature Hofmeister kick inside the C- column in addition to also L-shaped tail lights.

In a move which resulted from the arrest of the completely new BMW concept clouds super slippery participated from the efficiency of 0.18, bodywork flexible covers the wheels, in addition to also allow them to turn without interruption from the example of what he described as the German car maker alive as engineering – a process also used from the cabin

at 4900mm in length in addition to also 1370 mm in length, in addition to also vision following 100 is actually 10MM shorter in addition to also 100 MM less than 5 existing series, set itself to be replaced by a more contemporary seventh generation product later which year.

BMW design boss Adrian von Hooydonk, says the beginning was for BMW completely new point coming from the inside. “Our goal was to develop a scenario which people will be involved with. Technology will achieve significant progress, opening up completely new avenues wonderful which will allow us to offer the driver more help for a even more intense driving experience.

access to the Inside through doors style suite which opens automatically with the approach of the driver with the smart key. to facilitate the entry, back down the steering wheel in addition to also sit next to the dashboard at 100 following vision is actually parked.

Once seated, take advantage of the BMW logo on the steering wheel closes doors, move the steering wheel from the position in addition to also adjusts the driver’s seat to fit a particular program by using the digital information stored on a smart key

as is actually the case with the outside world, BMW has abandoned the traditional materials inside the automobile; instead of wood, leather, in addition to also there are more sustainable materials, including re-mono-material recycling

BMW expects basic modes driving types from the future: batch mode, which the driver operates the controls manually, putting ease, which the driver depends on the ability to self-rule of the automobile.

in boost mode, the seat in addition to also steering wheel to change the position of the center console in addition to also turned towards the driver. The driver is actually also supported by the intelligence process sensory in addition to also digital. which is actually called a companion, also describes the BMW, which collects information about the person at the wheel in addition to also programmed to provide support when needed, such as the best suggestion in turn, could be at the point of a certain angle, in addition to also advise on traffic jams or warning when the speed limit exceeded

from the development of ease, following 100 in addition to also vision become a place to retreat; the seat, steering wheel in addition to also center console settings to provide additional space, using ambient to create a more relaxed atmosphere lighting while the technology leadership of the independent guides you to your destination.

is actually driving mode which seems to additional road users through the use of different colors from the grille with the automobile, the front in addition to also associations in addition to also taillights.

see BMW from the future of the automobile show high-definition digital display as we know which today will eventually become unnecessary. Instead, the next 100 Vision predict the future, which is actually anticipated to all relevant information through the windscreen via the unit head-up display oversized

“digital world is actually strongly linked to displays; the next step will be organic LEDs – displays which can be format changed freely. at some point, however, there will be more offers at all. instead, the entire windshield serves as a giant screen, “says von Hooijdonk.

as is actually the case which has a flexible Centeng, BMW also put on a process which has survived a three-dimensional geometry inside the automobile. Consisting of about 800 triangles moving in addition to also put on plates dashboard in addition to also side devices, the goal of which is actually to promote interaction between car in addition to also driver through the delivery of information with intuitive signals says BMW to provide “a form of communication by the conscious can expect the event a check in real time.”

Although which may seem like science fiction, BMW is actually convinced will survive Engineering become an influential factor from the automotive Inside design. which states: “At present, which is actually still difficult to imagine how hundreds of modest triangles format to make the engineering work alive. from the coming years, which will be possible, as is actually replaced manufacturing methods today. from the future, which will become possible to produce more complex forms in addition to also flexible. ”

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Source: BMW Vision Next 100 concept car unveiled – plus video

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